Dr. Venkatesh – Now Performing Liposuction in Bangalore

Dr. M.S.Venkatesh, one of the reputable cosmetic surgeons in India is now performing Liposuction at his Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery Clinic in Bangalore. He has earned a name for offering cost-effective cosmetic surgery services at par with international standards.

Online PR News – 03-October-2012 – Bangalore, Karnataka – Bangalore, India, 3rd October 2012: Dr. M.S.Venkatesh is counted among the leading cosmetic surgeons in Bangalore, India. He is now performing Liposuction, a procedure done for body contouring. The surgeon is renowned for performing a wide array of cosmetic surgeries in his world-class Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery Clinic in the city.

While talking about Liposuction, a senior assistant working with Dr. Venkatesh stated, “Liposuction is one of the most frequently performed cosmetic body procedures in India. The extra body fat from deposits that are located between the skin and muscles are removed by this procedure. When you undergo this surgery, the contour of your body is improved.”

Some of the major Liposuction techniques include Tumescent, Super Wet, Vaser, Laser, Dry and Ultrasonic techniques. The surgery is performed by using a small stainless steel tube called cannula, which is connected to a powerful suction pump. Small incisions are made in the skin through which cannula is inserted into the fat. This suction cannula creates tiny tunnels through the fatty layers indicating accomplishment of fat removal. These tiny tunnels collapse post- surgery thereby improving the body contour.

Discussing further about the surgery, the senior assistant commented, “To be the right candidate for Liposuction, you should be physically healthy, psychologically stable as well as realistic in your expectations. Normal-weight people who have elastic skin along with pockets of fat in some areas are the appropriate ones to undergo this surgery.”

Besides Liposuction, Dr. Venkatesh is well-known for performing Rhinoplasty, Gynecomastia, Breast Augmentation, Fillers, Botox & Laser Hair Removal and other popular cosmetic surgeries in India Plastic surgery services offered by him are of high quality.

About Dr. M.S.Venkatesh:

Renowned for performing various cosmetic surgeries, Dr. Venkatesh runs his own clinic plastic surgery clinic India has now emerged as one of the leading destinations for cosmetic surgeries with reputed surgeons like him who take up this vital aspect of plastic surgery into their practice.

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