The Sky’s the Limit with The Colibri Cloud Library From Toradex

Introducing the Colibri Cloud Library from Toradex.

Online PR News – 03-October-2012 – Horw, Switzerland – Devices are becoming more complex; systems more interconnected. Just like the hardware and software development challenges that face engineers. Historically, many proprietary hardware and software components would have been the key ingredients to a complete system. Today, product development is as much about integration with third party hardware and software components.

The future is starting to require higher level system integration. No longer is it just locally installed software components or operating system frameworks that are providing critical resources and feature rich additions to applications. Advancements in communication networks is providing low cost internet connectivity to a vast range of different devices, enabling them to take advantage of the rapidly growing services that are available in the ether of cyberspace.

Cue the Colibri Cloud from Toradex. Soon customers integrating a Colibri module into their application will get access to a wide variety of Cloud services through Toradex’s Cloud Library. Using well structured, simple APIs, you will be able to take advantage of messaging and notification services over a range different mediums, including SMS and email, and be able to store and retrieve data to cloud base storage. Never before has embedded device connectivity been so simple, enabling a new generation of applications to be realised and brought to market in record time.

The Colibri range of ARM based low-power computer-on-modules from Toradex are deployed in hundreds of applications across a wide range of different markets. The Colibri product line differentiates itself from other competitor products by providing an extremely mature, feature rich, complete hardware and software platform around which product ideas can be realised.

Toradex has invested years of development time in extending the Windows CE and Embedded Compact operating systems that come with every Colibri module. Such extensions include the addition of a wide range of configuration parameters in the Windows Registry, to allow easy customisation of system behaviour, and a collection of different software libraries and example applications, to support advanced connectivity and help accelerate development cycles.

Founded in Switzerland, today the Toradex network stretches across the world. Its direct sales model and local service approach puts Toradex in regular contact with more than 3,000 customers around the globe. Toradex supplies embedded computer modules for demanding applications and offers premium support service to help its customers rapidly bring product to market. Toradex’ strategic vision and long term orientation makes it the company of choice for ambitious and creative people.

Toradex products are deployed within a diverse range of markets and industries. Typical industries, amongst others, include: automotive, medical devices, laboratory equipment, point of sales, gaming machines, navigation systems, musical instruments, machine control, virtual reality simulation, digital signage, traffic control systems, building automation, security systems, robotics, process control and auto pilots.

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