Effective Alcohol and Drug Treatment

It is time that the alcohol and drug treatment providers begin to recognize that having a treatment programs that lowers an addicts use of drugs is a far from being what should be acceptable.

Online PR News – 22-March-2010 – – After being a leader in the alcohol and drug rehab and treatment field for many years and reviewing nearly 200 rehab centers at their facilities, it is evident that the consumers of alcohol and drug rehabilitative services are needing to demand that the status quo in this field be exposed for the poor outcomes that are obtained by nearly 95% of the inpatient and residential treatment programs in the U.S.

With health care money's being so scarce and medical ethics being on the attention of everyone involved in the healthcare reform debate, I have yet to hear any mention of how reform must demand that dollars be linked to outcomes. This is the only sensible way we will force this rehab industry to rework their clinical approaches to alcohol and drug treatment.

I would be less emphatic if there were no workable treatment modalities, but there are programs that get over 75% success, while the industry average is less than 10%. Someone that stays in their addiction is a drain emotionally and financially to their loved ones, but more importantly, their behaviors cost much more in the ancillary pain inflicted on others that are either caught in the quest for stolen good to purchase illicit drugs or the traffic accidents that are caused by allowing alcohol and drug affected individual to go untreated by effective rehab.

California passed a proposition that guaranteed that anyone wanting alcohol and drug treatment would be give access, even if they couldn't afford the treatment. What made this proposition a setup for failure, was the fact that the existing treatment providers that were used to -10% outcomes were the chosen providers. This was designed to fail, perhaps in the attempt to garner support for the legalization of drugs.

We can do better and the time has come for those in my industry to demand that we do!