15 Year Industry Veteran Nick Bello calls Visalus his Final company

Nick Bello of LaPorte, Indiana has been a network marketer for over 15 years. He is calling Visalus, his final company.

Online PR News – 03-October-2012 – LaPorte, IN, October 02, 2012 – Nick Bello of LaPorte, Indiana has been a network marketer for over 15 years. He is calling Visalus, his final company. After 15 years of helping people build successful home based businesses in all 50 states and 10 different countries, Nick Bello feels like he has found the home that he has been looking for. Committed to the industry and his team, Nick Bello has only been in a handful of companies in those 15 years. Nick Bello is confident that Visalus gives the average person a real shot at success.

Although not every year was as successful as others for Nick Bello in the network marketing industry, he felt like this industry was his opportunity to not only do something great for himself and his family, but help others as well. Nick Bello has had unwavered support from his wife which he calls “His Foundation.” Starting in the industry at 22 years of age, Nick Bello was living in a 2 bedroom apartment, driving a rusted 1983 Cutlass. His journey through the years has changed his lifestyle dramatically. Still living in LaPorte, Indiana, Nick Bello as well as his wife and three daughters now enjoy a large home and luxury vehicles. More so than what Nick Bello has accomplished, he is proud of the lives he has impacted in a positive way through his journey.

Nick Bello has always helped people in the network marketing industry even if they were not in his team, or not even in his company. Several people mention that they work with Nick Bello today because of his interest in helping them become successful when he had no financial gain to do so. It is his values that make Nick Bello the person that he is. He puts his faith in God to lead him in the right direction.

By joining Visalus, Nick Bello feels like he has an opportunity to help people with their health and finances. Visalus markets the #1 Health Challenge in North America, the Body By Vi challenge. With an average of 150,000 people a month joining the challenge either to lose weight or get in better shape, the company’s success and growth is astounding. When you look at the obesity epidemic sweeping across the world, it is no wonder why Nick Bello calls Visalus his final company. “This is a battle that we are waging war on. Something has to be done. With a product that works as well as the Visalus products, we are able to help people with their health and help people make significant incomes” states Nick Bello.

To learn more about Nick Bello, visit www.nickbello.com or if you would like to work with him or find out more about Visalus, you can visit www.myfinalcompany.com or contact him at Nick Bello, onebigteam@hotmail.com, 2196080112