Wirth Consulting Wins Tender Against 49 Contenders

Wirth Consulting will work with Melbourne-based non-profit organisation, Australian Alpaca Association (AAA), to reconstruct its website and online communications.

Online PR News – 03-October-2012 – Sydney, New South Wales – Wirth Consulting competed with 49 other businesses for the association's tender. Company Director Bianca Wirth impressed the AAA with her approach, credentials and references.

AAA General Manager, Joy Walker, says "We felt confident in Wirth Consulting's ability to deliver. Bianca was very personable, spoke our language (not geek speak) and we thought we could successfully work with her." Walker was also convinced by the references provided by Wirth Consulting, "Every one glowing and saying they would reuse Wirth Consulting without hesitation."

About the Project
The AAA website development will restructure the website's systems, forms and content to make the AAA competitive in the current business climate. Wirth Consulting will focus on ease of use and access of information. We focus in detail on all aspects of the website and user experience. Importantly, Wirth Consulting's comprehensive application brief focused on web development for the business needs of the AAA, and "Not just something that looked pretty," says Walker.

Bianca Wirth, Director of Wirth Consulting said "We are absolutely thrilled to be working with the Australian Alpaca Association to further develop this young and exciting Australian farming industry.

With this project we are going through a comprehensive analysis of the AAA's target market to ensure the website meets business goals. The AAA have some specific requirements around the integration of third party systems including NAB Transact and the Australian Business Research Institute (ABRI) International Animal Register (IAR) database so our consultants and developers will be working hard to meet these as well.

We're also excited to be developing a new website design focused on lead generation and providing value to the AAA's members, as well as reducing their internal manual processes by automating them via online methods."