Fat Kid Loses 500 Pounds! Inspired Rise 180 Degrees Book Release

Tollie Schmidt has a personal mantra he lives by, "Excuses are tools of the ignorant, I will not use them!" He says, it's the most challenging rule, but it also is the key to unfathomable experiences and results! You'll call it the best thing that ever happened to you.

Online PR News – 03-October-2012 – Celebration/FL – Tollie Schmidt releases his new book, "Inspired Rise 180 Degrees Magnifying the Human Experience. Naturally inspiring, filled with up-to-date proven techniques and strategies to overcome any obstacle in life.

If you have ever dreamed of a better life, Inspired rise 180 degrees will show you how to achieve the unprecedented quality of life you thirst for and deserve, and how to command your personal and professional life. Tollie Schmidt has proved to scores of people through his speaking engagements, media, and seminars that by exploiting the dominance of your mind you can do, have, achieve, and create anything you want for your life.

"Inspired is a book America is thirsty for, creating change rather than assigning blame from a guy, who went thru hell and came out stronger!" -Christopher Hughe

Tollie has overcome morbid obesity, and shown others how to do the same. He has hid in the darkness hiding his eating disorder before excepting no more excuses for his self imposed prison of bulimia. He has worked with people all across the world, of every background and walk of life, his energy and passion for others is infectious and his methods achieve astounding results. With Inspired rise 180 degrees, he passionately and articulately reveals the science of personal conquest and teaches you:

How to know what it is that you truly want.
How to reThink 180 degrees to reformat your brain in minutes to eliminate fears and phobias.
The Art of Persuasion and Influence to gain the edge of likability with anyone you meet.
How to break the code of success from the world's greatest achievers.
How to lose fat, get in shape and overcome an eating disorder permanently.
How to create deep and lasting relationships with others, to feel love and not lust.
How to contribute to others, discovering your life's purpose in order to live a life of passion!

Inspired rise 180 degrees is a revolutionary mind freak for achieving anything in life with the absence of excuses and embracing complete personal responsibility. It will show you, step by step, how to perform at your pinnacle while creating emotional and physical freedom, instilling leadership and confidence, and inspiring others around you. It will give you the tools and unshakable faith in yourself to believe in your dreams, remake the person you are today, and give more to the world around you.

Inspired rise 180 degrees is a call to action to rise UP, and magnify the human experience in an age of complacency.

Isn't it time to recapture your passion, your playfulness, your curiosity, and your inner strength to change absolutely anything you want in life?

About Tollie Schmidt

Tollie Schmidt has a background which many can only describe as Eclectic. His talents are highlighted in business, philanthropy, & media.

Tollie’s story of growing up as the Fat Kid who ballooned to over 500 pounds and then achieving an astounding weight loss of over 300 pounds. He Has been featured in many national publications, network talk shows, and radio programs across the U.S.

Tollie is considered an expert in childhood obesity, eating disorders, and depression. He has used his natural talents to create change for teens struggling with body image issues and is a voice for those living in the darkness of depression.

Tollie’s Out of the Darkness Project is a non-profit offering solutions and support to teens struggling with body image issues, eating disorders, depression and obesity.

At the age of 16 he was living in Moscow, Russia. He attended school at Moscow’s Commerce and Commercial College Lyceum– 320. Also, he was an intern to the Cultural attache in the Russian Federation, U.S. Embassy, Moscow, Russia.

Seizing opportunities to meet and speak with some of the most intriguing minds of our generation including: Russian President Boris Yeltsin, Her Majesty the Queen of England Elizabeth II, the son of former Soviet Premier Nikita Khrushchev, James D. Wolfensohn, Former President, The World Bank, and Nikolai Lysenko Chairman of the National Republican Party of Russia.

Tollie is known as a guy who does not believe in personal limits, his creative and artistic nature infused with his natural marketing ability charisma and charm has catapulted him into many new business opportunities.

Today, Tollie takes the creative role in new entertainment development projects, serving as President of Tollie International Media Productions and Advertising.

For more information about Inspired Rise 180 Degrees: (Available in Hardback, Paperback and as an ebook from Amazon.com and other online book retailers)##