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Up and Coming Paid Surveys Website,, Begins to Launch its Blogging and Referral Program

Online PR News – 22-March-2010 – – Up and Coming Paid Surveys Website,, Begins to Launch its Blogging and Referral Program

GetPaidToTry is one of the premiere websites that offers its members the chance to earn money by completing various online surveys, product trials, product reviews, etc. Their reputation has been gaining positive momentum for the past couple of years and it growing with each day of operation. Now the website is giving members yet another way to earn money with a blogging and referral program.

GetPaidToTry no allows users to accumulate money by getting affiliates to sign up for their website. Each member will be given a referral link which should then be passed along to their affiliates. They will then be credited money accordingly. The payout is as follows:

Affiliates receive:

20% of their direct referral earnings
10% of their indirect referral level earnings
5% of their 3rd level referral earnings
3% of their 4th level referral earnings
2% of their 5th level referral earnings
1% of their 6th level referral earnings

Just recently, this website has added live feeds to its Twitter account. This allows its members to talk amongst each other and discuss various topics such as: what they like about the site, how it could be better, and what new features are coming to the site. This provides excellent consumer feedback and also helps the website to continually make improvements while gaining positive rapport with its users. With blogging, GetPaidToTry is creating their own online community which allows users to be more interconnected. This creates an ideal atmosphere for the site as it gives new users the chance to seek advice from members who are more experienced.

GetPaidToTry is becoming a frontier in the world on online paid surveys and is constantly expanding its horizon by giving its members new ways to earn money to put in their pocket. This is one way of earning money in a struggling economy. For more information check out