Sacred Science Institute Publishes The Definitive Stock Market Forecast for 2013

Risk-Averse investors will once again find Daniel T. Ferrera’s annual publication, "The Outlook for 2013" a goldmine of cyclical analysis and forecast for the coming year.

Online PR News – 02-October-2012 – Idyllwild, CA, September 27, 2012 – The Sacred Science Institute announces publication of Daniel T. Ferrera’s 6th Annual “General Outlook for 2013.” Any observant market watcher will note that the Eurozone debt crisis still dominates the news. Europe’s sovereign debt issues remain unresolved. In fact, the major economic powers of Europe, France and Germany, now disagree on how to structure the European Union’s financial mechanisms.

Despite these uncertainties, Daniel T. Ferrara’s annual forecasts have consistently achieved uncanny success at predicting the best times to invest, meaning the beginning of a bull market. His forecasts also reveal the best times to take profits at the bull market top. This approach has served risk-averse investors extremely well since he published his first “General Outlook for 2008.” Ferrera has refined and updated the original work of perhaps the most famous market prognosticator of the 20th Century, W.D. Gann. He has developed his own cyclic analysis that has proven remarkably accurate over the years.

In his masterful course on cycles, Wheels Within Wheels, released in 2002, he predicted that the stock market would experience a strong advance from 2003 to 2006. The text included an extended 100-year market forecast into 2108, which has proven remarkably accurate since its first publication in 2002. See the attached segment of that chart through 2012 in Fig. 1. This segment of Ferrera’s 100-year forecast, the cover art for the new publication, matches Ferrera’s forecast (in red) against actual market performance (in blue). His annual forecasts provide considerably greater detail and hone forecasts to specific dates often with a few days of the key top or bottom.

Although the 100-year forecast appears to miss both the scope and timing of the bottom of the bear market in early 2009, his General Outlook for 2009 called for a bottom on March 12, 2009, within one week of the actual bottom. The subsequent market rally was the strongest U.S. stock market rise since 1938. He also forecasted the preceding market top within one week in October 2007. Although the 100-year forecast has proven to be uncannily accurate to date, Ferrera’s annual forecasts provide detailed analysis and have correctly foretold market turns in each of his prior annual forecasts.

Subscribers also benefit from Ferrera’s ongoing monitoring of market events. Although his original forecast in “The Outlook for 2011” called for a top in the stock market in June, possibly advancing into August, he issued an update on May 3, 2011. In it, he advised subscribers that based on technical indicators, he strongly urged them to take profits. The update preceded the market top by one day.

Dan confirms in each annual outlook that his purpose is to help investors avoid risk. In a considerable expansion of prior “Outlooks”, Ferrera has expanded the text to 73 pages jam-packed with insights and analysis for the next 3-10 years. Ferrera considers 2013 to be a pivotal year, expected to produce significant market changes. Ferrera backs up his analyses with over a dozen different forecasting techniques to cross-verify his own exhaustive analysis. The work is both a forecast and a profound education for investors.

To see one of Ferrera’s prior published forecasts, see the “Outlook for 2008,” available free on line at: plus additional free charts.

About Daniel T. Ferrera: Since 1998, Daniel T. Ferrera has been a featured writer in Traders World Magazine and is one of the country's most highly respected Gann experts. He is also the author of ten related books on the subject of trading, market cycles, W.D. Gann and The Square of Nine.

About Sacred Science Institute: The Sacred Science Institute is a non-denominational, non-sectarian, non-religious, and non-academic Research Institute dedicated to the rediscovery and application of Sacred Science in all fields of technology, science and philosophy.

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