AppSpace Launches “Bright Sparks Pro” Android & IOS Applications

Bright Sparks is an app where you answer trivia questions and become the ultimate mastermind. Learn about Sports, Arts, History, Astronomy and many more things. As a great man once said, "Stay Hungry Stay Foolish for Knowledge".

Online PR News – 02-October-2012 – Colombo 7 – What is the name of the Blue Male Macaw in Rio? Do you know the answer? Don’t worry if you did not know the answer; because now you have a way to know the answer to all those questions. But who has time to read all those bulky encyclopedias? Then Bright Sparks Pro android and IOS apps are for you.
Brights Spark Pro is an app where you answer trivia questions and become the ultimate mastermind. Learn about Sports, Arts, History, Astronomy and many more.
The all new Bright Sparks PRO android and IOS apps come bundled with new categories & questions which would be the perfect snacks for your hunger for knowledge.

Bright Sparks Pro is themed around a school. There are several locations around the school. Each level has a set of questions related to the location. When you select the Playground you will get questions on sports. Select History Room and answer stimulating questions on history. Each question you answer correctly and you will earn 10 points. But get one wrong; your score will be reduced by 5.
Bright Sparks Pro newly comes up with following levels.

Competitive Sports: Go back to the incredible triumphs of Olympic with competitive sports room.

Art Gallery: Learn about famous creations, creators of ancient and modern art.

Music Room: Learn about songs, artists and culture of music in the music room.

Nature Camp: Learn about natural elements and geographical facts and start to love the nature more.

Innovation Room: In the innovation room learn about the famous inventions and their inventors. And find more about the greatest inventions which changed the way we live.

Arena: Learn about philosophers, battles and great warriors of ancient Greece and become the ultimate Greek.

You can only pass the level once your score for that level is 150 or more. Yes this is a challenge; but if it was easy what fun it would be guessing the answers? Even if you guessed the wrong answer, there’s an integrated Wikipedia search so you can learn the background information about the question. In Bright Sparks Pro you can share your achievements to Facebook & Twitter. Finally all you’re answering will not go unrewarded. You will earn a grade based on your achievements in your Results.

“Bright Sparks Pro” Android and IOS apps are now available on Google Play, Amazon and App Store.

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So what’s the deal? Who will give you multiple opportunities at once totally free like this to improve and refresh your knowledge while enjoying and learning new things? Be a Bright Spark which rise to the dark sky and feel the ultimate fun while refreshing your memory and learn new things.

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