Increasing trend of Male Breast reduction Surgery or Gynecomastia among young men

More and more men world wide are opting for Liposuction, as it’s a painless simple surgery and with modern technology available, the time taken to perform the procedure has considerably reduced and thus the down time and recovery after the procedure

Online PR News – 29-June-2009 – – Recent statistics from the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery show that American men underwent 20,280 male breast reduction procedures in 2007. Statistics from the UK now show a 44% increase in male breast reductions between 2007 and 2008

More and more young men are opting for this simple procedure. “There has been quite a surge in the number of enquiries of the patient asking for Gynecomastia surgery” says Dr Ruchika from Indicure. We have witnessed a sharp increase in the number of foreign patients coming to India for Gynecomastia surgery combined with Liposuction on other body parts” according to Dr Ruchika from Indicure.

With increasing consciousness among young men to look good for their career reasons and to woo the ladies, men do not like to take a chance. A simple surgery to get rid of women like breasts at an affordable cost in India is a very lucrative offer to them.

Gynecomastia occurs in as many as 40 % of men. This is a fairly common condition in teens as well. The cause is not always known, but the incidence increases with certain drugs (digitalis, anabolic steroids, Tagamet, and spironolactone), use of marijuana or alcohol.

Sometimes also linked to obesity, but more often a simply physical flaw in average sized men, gynecomastia is often treated with liposuction and with a surgical procedure named gynecomasty- also known as breast reduction for men. This procedure removes the extra fibrous tissue that cannot be removed by liposuction. The result is a flatter, firmer and more masculine-looking chest.

The surgery is straightforward; it offers a quick remedy to the discomfort, physical and social, that the patient suffers.

The patient is first given general anesthesia or intravenous sedation, so they are perfectly comfortable and do not experience any pain. Following that, a small incision at the base of the areola is made and unwanted fat and glandular tissue is removed in the breast with ultrasonic liposuction.

The process of removing fat and tissue takes approximately one to two hours, depending on the amount of breast tissue to be removed. Postoperatively, the patient experiences little pain. The patient needs to wear a snug-fitting compression vest for 1 to 3 weeks. The patient may shower the day after surgery, perform light activites, drive and return to work when they feel comfortable, usually within a week after surgery. They may begin exercise within 7-10 days.

Considering the straightforward nature of gynecomastia surgery, the quick and painless recovery as well as the natural appearance of the breasts afterwards, it’s no wonder why men increasingly are opting to have the condition surgically reversed, rather than suffer from the embarrassment and distress that often comes from markedly enlarged breasts.

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