Greener Pastures Launches An Adventurous High-Altitude Trek To The Indian Side Of Pemako

Greener Pastures, an ecotourism enterprise based in the wilderness of Northeast India, launches a trek to Pemako, a secret paradise as described in Buddhism.

Online PR News – 02-October-2012 – Dibrugarh/Assam – Greener Pastures, an ecotourism organization based in Northeast India, has launched an adventurous, thrilling and spiritual trek in the eastern Himalayas, which will cover sacred Buddhist sites of the beyul of Pemako, which are located high in extremely remote mountains.

Long ago, in ancient Tibet, many texts and scrolls were discovered which described beyul; secret paradises located in the depth of the Himalayas. According to legend, Guru Rinpoche, also known as Padmasambhava, hid these scrolls throughout the Himalayas, and only those with vision could find these. Even today, many of these secret scrolls still lie undiscovered. It is said that these hidden paradisaical realms act as a catalyst in the path of liberation, eventually in the completion of spiritual awakening, and are places where unobstructed knowledge is gained.

The most famous and mysterious of all the secret realms is the beyul of Pemako, which is the physical form of Goddess Dorje Pagmo. Scrolls and scholars have described the beyul to be located in South Tibet, between the borders of China and Arunachal Pradesh in India. Specifically, it is the mountains and valleys that surround two of eastern Himalaya’s most magnificent and highest peaks, Gyala Pelri and Namcha Barwe. The two peaks are believed to be the breasts of Dorje Pagmo. The entire region remains pristine and unexplored even today, due to the formidable terrain and weather conditions. Most westerners and outsiders who have witnessed these lands often tell tales of mystical experiences. The most famous of them is the legendary explorer Ian Baker, who has devoted decades of his life exploring the secret depths of Pemako, and has written a book on it titled ‘The Heart of the World’.

In this twenty two days trek organized by Greener Pastures, participants will get a chance to visit some very important and sacred sites of Buddhism, which lie in the Indian side of Pemako, in the state of Arunachal Pradesh. The trek will start from the Himlayan town of Tuting which lies a few kilometers away from China. From here, the hike will go through remote and sustainable tribal villages of Adi Tribe and Khampa Tribe. Climbing higher, participants will enter hidden realms of Danakosha which lie beyond 13,000 feet, where it is believed a total of hundred and eighteen lakes exist. Visiting five of the important lakes which are believed to provide tantric powers and wash away sins, the expedition will continue downhill, crossing the holy mountain of Titapuri, and enter the sacred site of Dewakota where a monastery exists along with a paradisaical community refuge for Pemako pilgrims. The trek will eventually lead to Kuging Village from where Tuting is nearby. According to the passionate team at Greener Pastures – the presence of breathtaking landscape views of the remote peaks of eastern Himalayas, the hospitality of friendly tribes who live faraway cutoff from civilization, the presence of sacred lakes, mountains and monasteries which provide an awakening experience – makes this trekking expedition an once a lifetime experience to savor.