Preton Awarded Patent for its Pixel Optimizer Technology

Innovative technology significantly reduces printing costs by optimizing toner consumption

Online PR News – 02-October-2012 – Tel Aviv, Israel – Tel Aviv, Israel (October 2, 2012) – Preton, the leading provider of printing cost reduction software, announced today that the company has been awarded a patent for its Pixel Optimizer™ technology.

Preton’s Pixel Optimizer technology intelligently identifies and removes overlapping and wasteful pixels during the printing process. The Pixel Optimizer technology is capable of reducing toner consumption and printing costs by approximately 30% without visibly impacting output quality.

Preton developed the Pixel Optimizer technology during its research into the mechanics of the printing process. Preton’s R&D team found that there is a significant discrepancy between the display of a pixel on a computer screen and the printing of a pixel by a printer. This discrepancy in the representation pixels results in the significant over usage of toner due to the printing of unnecessary, overlapping pixels.

Pixel Optimizer is the core technology inside Preton’s PretonSaver software. Enterprise customers using the PretonSaver software and Pixel Optimizer technology report an average savings of 25%-35% on their printing costs without any comprise in quality. For a large enterprise, the savings from PretonSaver and Pixel Optimizer can reach up to $150,000 to $200,000 per month.

PretonSaver is currently being incorporated into the service offerings of Managed Print Service (MPS) providers as a means to control and lower their fixed toner costs and improve pricing flexibility.

“We believe that Preton will continue to see success globally,” said Holly Muscolino, Research Director at IDC. “As the MPS market matures, both suppliers and their customers will be looking for additional avenues for greater efficiencies and cost savings. The industry will embrace technologies such as Pixel Optimizer as a competitive differentiator and a way to drive up margins.”

“Pixel Optimizer is a truly unique and innovative technology,” said Ori Eizenberg, CEO of Preton. “This patent award for our Pixel Optimizer technology will certainly contribute to maintaining our key position as the world leader in toner optimization technology.”

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Preton Ltd. is a leading provider of advanced software for reducing printing costs. Preton’s award winning PretonSaver™ software offers enterprises and SMBs revolutionary savings on toner, ink and paper consumption and associated printing costs. Preton's patented Pixel Optimizer™ technology intelligently identifies and deletes wasteful pixels during printing, providing substantial savings without visibly reducing quality. Preton customers include prominent enterprises in the financial, health care, manufacturing, government, education and technology sectors as well as individual home users.

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