RAD Fire Sprinkler Boosts Fire Safety Efforts in South-East

RAD Fire Sprinkler specializes in design, installation, and upkeep of fire sprinkler systems for private homes as well as care homes, flats, and hostels.

Online PR News – 22-March-2010 – – TUNBRIDGE WELLS, March 20, 2010 - RAD Fire Sprinkler Co., Ltd. specializes in design, installation, and upkeep of fire sprinkler systems for private homes as well as care homes, flats, and hostels. The recent Shoreditch fire that destroyed the Sosho Restaurant and East Room club and caused millions of pounds in damage has highlighted the need for preventive fire safety measures, and that is RAD Fire Sprinkler Co.'s main area of emphasis. They work with building authorities, developers, and architects to advise on sprinkler systems and mains water provision. The fire sprinkler systems installed by RAD Fire Sprinkler Co. can be either connected to the mains, or they can be designed to incorporate a pump and tank.

Designed properly, domestic and residential sprinkler systems can be installed within the walls and existing structure of the building so that the only visible part of the system is the sprinkler head. Concealed domestic fire sprinkler heads are only as obtrusive as a ceiling down light and do not interfere with the structure's aesthetic qualities. Sprinkler systems operate differently than smoke alarm systems because they are not activated indiscriminately and they do not all come on at the same time as is sometimes shown in movies.

After the March 11 fire at the four-storey building on the border between the City of London and Shoreditch on Tabernacle Street, London Fire Commissioner Ron Dobson told the BBC, "This was a complicated fire spreading rapidly through different premises and onto a bitumen-covered roof, creating huge plumes of smoke across the city and presenting very difficult firefighting conditions. This incident yet again highlights the need for our fire safety work to prevent the fire risk and disruption these incidents have on our capital."

Home fire sprinkler systems are widely used in North America, and there have been many comparison studies that have tested the effectiveness of these sprinkler systems for tackling fires. In these tests, two identical properties are arranged with identical furniture positions and the fire spread is evaluated and compared between the property with the sprinkler system and the system without it. The results have shown a marked decrease in damage in sprinkler-fitted structures. Statistics from North America where newly built residential properties within certain areas are fitted with sprinkler systems shows a marked decrease in injuries and deaths due to domestic fires.

Most fire and rescue services endorse installation of fire sprinkler systems. Kent Fire and Rescue launched a campaign called 'Safer with Sprinklers' in 2007, when council bosses were urged to make sprinklers in new domestic properties mandatory. In Scotland, new residential homes require sprinkler systems, and it is possible that the same will be true in Wales if new legislation is passed under the 2006 Government of Wales Act.

Statistics have shown that the chance of surviving a fire in the home is approximately 60% if the home has working smoke detectors. In homes where a domestic fire sprinkler system has been installed, this figure rises to approximately 95%, so there is no question that residential and domestic sprinkler systems save lives. RAD Fire Sprinkler Co., Ltd. operates in the southeast of England, including London, Essex, and Kent.

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