Shifting from the Status Quo: Courtney Sale Ross and Plans to Improve Education

Courtney Sale Ross and her husband, Steven J. Ross, have been widely acclaimed for their remarkable educational services and community leadership roles.

Online PR News – 22-March-2010 – – Courtney Sale Ross and her husband, Steven J. Ross, have been widely acclaimed for their remarkable educational services and community leadership roles. The late Steven J. Ross, also known for his work as the former co-chair of the Time Warner Incorporation, worked in cooperation with Courtney Sales Ross to build an innovative educational facility.

Breaking grounds in the fields of academia in 1991, Steven and Courtney Sales Ross founded a non-public institute, known as “The Ross School,” in order to foster, nurture, and improve the structure and practices of 21st education.

The Ross School

Basing the standards of the school on information and studies provided by global scholars in the focus areas of history, math, psychology, literature, economics, as well as an array of other cannons and institutions, The Ross School has been widely celebrated for its admirable pursuit of new educational practices.

Specifically, The Ross School is credited for allowing students to learn in an inquiry based environment, wherein leaders link research with practice. Due to the success of The Ross School, specifically in its services offered to over 560 children (preschool through 12th grade), The Ross School was able to extend its services in 2006, as leaders collaborated with New York University and New York’s Department of Education to create a public charter school in the downtown city region.

With its extensions and embrace of educating and inspiring a broad base of students, The Ross School is dedicated to teaching students about cultural and global issues. Adding to this focus, the school is also well known for its numerous publications of research and literature, which have been widely distributed to many public and private educators and school leaders.

Leading Communities and Organizations to Greater Advancements

While Courtney Sales Ross and her late husband once collaboratively worked to foster new educational venues and services, Courtney Sales Ross has continued these admirable efforts, proving her determination to lead others to success in the global learning society.

For nearly two decades, Courtney Sales Ross has served an array of communities and institutions with her steadfast focus and devotion to improving the research and analysis of globalization’s impact on education. Specifically, Ross has sought to examine and learn how globalization can be used as a tool for positive educational change in schools and learning facilities around the world.

As Courtney Sales Ross has inspired many educational changes and positive shifts, she has been endowed with numerous awards and honors. Notably, Ross was awarded with an honorary doctoral degree from Skidmore College. Adding to this honor, Ross has been recognized for her generous contributions and donations to some of the top colleges and universities, including Harvard, New York University, University of Southern California, along with many other institutions. Furthering her works, Ross serves on leadership and community boards, specifically in conjunction with the United Nations Association, the Asia Society, the Committee on U.S. / China Relations, as well as other global and cultural-based organizations.