New eBook Promises Healthy Moth Removal

We are pleased to announce the release of an exciting eBook entitled “Get Rid Of Moths Naturally”. The eBook, written by leading moth expert Gerald Fleissner, will be released on date. Fleissner’s book contains valuable and insightful information.

Online PR News – 02-October-2012 – Austria – New eBook releasing this week teaches unique, natural ways of riding your home of moths without using harmful chemicals. “Get Rid Of Moths Naturally” outlines several key factors in recognizing if you have a moth infestation, how to distinguish between different types of moths and understanding the moth lifecycle.

Fleissner provides detailed instructions in the natural methods used to control the conditions in your home to create a less hospitable atmosphere for moth eggs, larvae and adult moths to help prevent infestations. The eBook also outlines an exhaustive list of holistic remedies to rid your home of moths and larvae.

The eBook includes herbal remedies to prevent further infestations, steps required to protect clothing, and unique cleaning techniques to prevent and/or deal with an infestation. “Get Rid of Moths Naturally” is a comprehensive guide that covers in detail all aspects of moth development, moth types, and where to find moths in your home. “Get Rid Of Moths Naturally” has all the information that you would ever need to deal with moths safely and naturally, without the use of chemicals and pesticides that could harm your family.