BellamysIT Offers SharePoint Masters Course Training for Developers and Administrators

This four-week course offers SharePoint training for administrators and developers. The instructors teach SharePoint with an exam pass rate of 95%, and have experience in using SharePoint on client projects. Qualifying students can have training refunded in full.

Online PR News – 02-October-2012 – Provo, UT – On October 22nd, BellamysIT will be offering a SharePoint Masters Course, training individuals to become competent and confident administrators and developers in the SharePoint system. The training will take place at Bellamys’ Provo, UT, location and last until November 16th.

This SharePoint Masters Course is not only taught by professional SharePoint instructors and has a pass rate of 95%, but Bellamys is offering a possibility for free training. Students can qualify for free training by participating in the 4-week course and passing a Microsoft exam. Dedicated students who complete the course and pass at least one exam will be entered in Bellamys’ database of recommended students. Bellamys will then send the student’s profile and resume to hundreds of SharePoint recruiting agencies, firms, and partners that need SharePoint administrators and developers. If the student is hired with the help of Bellamys, that student will be refunded course fees in full.

Bellamys’ 4-week Masters Course offers a more comprehensive course than would be possible in a 3-5 day course. Each week covers a different subject:
Week 1--Beginning Administrative Course
Week 2--Advanced/Expert Administrative Course
Week 3--Beginning Developer Course
Week 4--Advanced/Expert Developer Course
This setup means that students can have the time they need to learn about a complex and sometimes confusing system without needing to rush. This gives them a firm grasp of the material and what to expect.

To further aid in comprehending the ins and outs of SharePoint, Bellamys makes a point of offering quality teaching. The instructors work on real SharePoint projects year-round, giving them the most up-to-date knowledge possible. These instructors have also learned how to use the material by going through all of the pitfalls and unexpected situations that would not appear in a book on SharePoint, and are able to pass this invaluable experience on to others.

A few of the skills this course develops include:
• Administrators:
o Evaluating, Preparing for, and Installing SharePoint 2010 & 2013
o Configuring Logical Structure and Central Administration
o Implementing SharePoint Roles and Role Assignments
o Implementing SharePoint 2010 & 2013 Social Networking Features
o Design and architecture of content protection and recovery
o Performing backup and restoring operations to mitigate against disasters
o Creating and configuring an Office 365 subscription

• Developers:
o Design and architecture of the SharePoint 2010 & 2013 development platform and the benefits and features that it offers to developers
o Developing Web Parts for SharePoint 2010 & 2013 solutions
o Developing Microsoft Silverlight applications that are integrated with SharePoint 2010 & 2013 data and solutions
o Developing sandboxed solutions for SharePoint 2010 & 2013
o Designing and implementing a security approach that supports both code access and end-user functionality
o Creating a development strategy to allow multiple developers and administrators to work together
o Designing processing systems to get work done in the solution

These topics and the other materials covered prepare students to pass four Microsoft SharePoint exams, namely:
• Administrators:
o Microsoft SharePoint 2010, Configuring: Exam 70-667
o Designing a Microsoft SharePoint 2010 Infrastructure: Exam 70-668
• Developers:
o Microsoft SharePoint 2010, Application Development: Exam 70-573
o Designing and Developing Microsoft SharePoint 2010 Applications: Exam 70-576

Bellamys students’ pass rate for these Microsoft exams is a high 95%. Should a student not pass an exam, Bellamys offers one-on-one training sessions with a professional SharePoint trainer to answer any question the student may have. This post-exam guarantee offers exclusive training that greatly increases chances of success in future exams.

The four-week course costs $3,995--about $200 per day, compared to the market average of $542* per day. Each week’s training can be taken individually on location for $1,500. For remote access, the 4-week Masters Course is $2,500 altogether or $700 per individual week.

SharePoint experience is important in the business market, as evidenced by the fact that the average salary for a SharePoint Administrator is between $68-73,000, or $74-83,000 for a SharePoint Developer. (

The training center for BellamysIT in Provo, UT is located in the commercial district, within easy traveling distance of numerous hotels and various types of restaurants. There is a Best Western hotel neighboring the facility with whom Bellamys has arranged a discounted rate of $70 per night for students, or other accommodation options through Bellamys. Provo also offers access to many different activities, including skating rinks, bowling alleys, hiking, skiing, museums, music and theater, and sporting events from nearby Brigham Young University.

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*Average gathered from 17 different current course prices posted by 4 different companies