Energy Companies Urged to Push Feed in Tariff

Energy companies have been asked to inform customers of the impending new feed in tariff. At present there has been little information released to customers informing them that solar energy can generate an income for each household.

Online PR News – 21-March-2010 – – Energy companies have been urged to put more funding behind an ad campaign to inform customers of the new feed in tariff. The new feed in tariff begins in the 1st April and will mean that anyone installing solar PV panels will now get paid for producing their own energy. Wayne Morris of the Big green company says that installing a typical 2.5kW system would provide an annual income to a household of around £1,200 per annum.

The Big green company conducted a survey of around 100 customers who visited our solar panel centre in Wilmslow. The results were very interesting. We asked customers the following questions:

1) Are you aware of how solar panels work?
2) Do you know what the payback time is for solar panels?
3) Are you aware if the new feed in tariff?

Of those customers surveyed, the results were:

Answer to question 1 – 5%
Answer to question 2 – 25% answered accurately
Answer to question 3 – 10%

Wayne Morris of the Big green company says “what this demonstrates is the need for the energy companies to get the message out to customers that solar energy is here in the UK and can be a very good investment. The govt has done its part by introducing the feed in tariff. We need energy companies to play their part by informing customers of the benefits of solar panels”.

The Big green company, based in Cheshire are the first company to offer a free live demonstration of how solar energy works. Based in Wilmslow and Southport. Why not see if your home is suitable for solar.