Innovative Approach To Writing Children's Stories

Author Ruth L. Harding has recently published her e-book entitled Writing Children's Stories: Unique Method Using Public Domain Classics For Inspiration.

Online PR News – 02-October-2012 – BO – Bowen, BC - September 9th 2012Author Ruth L. Harding has recently published her e-book entitled Writing Children's Stories: Unique Method Using Public Domain Classics For Inspiration. Ms Harding's book introduces budding authors to the innovative concept of using existing Public Domain works as inspiration for their own original stories and titles. The children's literature market has exploded in recent years. When looking at the top "Books" category in the iTunes App store, you'll see that children's products represent a large majority of books on the list. This year young adult and children's eBooks grew over 200% to $64.3 million from last year.While this is great news for children's authors, and an exciting opportunity for those who wish to explore the genre, it can mean that the market is rapidly becoming saturated with wizards, vampires and everything in between. So how do you find inspiration for great storylines and new, original characters in an already crowded marketplace?"What most authors never even consider is that the Public Domain classics can offer a bounty of incredible tales and characters that can be adapted or re-interpreted for today's modern audiences." Ms Harding said on Monday. "Writers have been using other people's works for inspiration since time immemorial, and using the classics in this fashion is no different." A lot of people don't even know that you can easily access Public Domain works, and for those who consider themselves to be technologically-challenged, Ms Harding's new book takes them step by step through the process. To make it easy to start straight away, Ms Harding has also included a selection of copy-free public domain images and stories.The book contains a wealth of information on useful topics such as how to publish your book, whether you're looking to go through the traditional publishing channels or self-publish, as well as digital publishing. She also looks at how to find and target an audience, and how to write material that is appropriate to a specific age group.The "how-to" market on Kindle has grown rapidly in the past couple of years as people are finding new and innovative ways to self-publish, and especially in the field of writing for pleasure and for profit. People have discovered that writing children's books can be an extremely satisfying and even financially viable pursuit these days, and more and more, they are turning to the Kindle and eBooks as a way to reach a mass audience in a way they could never imagined even a few years ago.Re-writing or extending the characters and plot lines from well-known and much loved classic tales is an exciting way to bring back pleasant childhood reading experiences while re-shaping them as your own. If you're a existing writer who is struggling for inspiration, or an aspiring writer, Writing Children's Stories will be a must read for you. The eBook is available free for a very limited time on Amazon Kindle