The Truth About Games Opens its Doors to Grown-up Gamers

The Truth About Games is now open to the public, offering news and reviews designed for people who love video games, but don’t always have time to read about them.

Online PR News – 02-October-2012 – London – Games are now enjoyed by everyone, from grey haired old ladies playing Texas Hold ’em or Bejewelled 2, to toddlers learning the alphabet with Elmo’s ABCs, to office workers playing Farmville. Call of Duty and Angry Birds may get most of the headlines, but games are now played by both genders and all ages. It’s not about being a ‘gamer’, it’s simply about finding the right digital toy to play with.

The peculiar thing is that games media have not kept pace with the relentless change of their audience. Most games magazines are still written for late-teen or early-twenty-something males, while games websites offer such long-form copy that nobody but the most committed (and time rich) player would have time to plough through the verbiage to get to an opinion.

The Truth About Games has been set up to help people with lives discover games they like. Its reviews are never longer than 150 words and come with a pithy summary and a simple mark out of 5, making them quick and easy to read as well as informative.

To the same end, The Truth About Games will never post more than two news stories per day, avoiding the half-founded industry rumours and long-range previews that can clog-up otherwise informative news feeds.

Finally, The Truth About Games will link to fuller coverage of bigger releases to help assist in more expensive purchasing decisions, but crucially these links will be carefully vetted for accuracy and readability.

Founder, Nick Gillett said, “The Truth About Games is the website I’ve always wanted to read. It’s straightforward, interesting and useful but short enough that I can still earn a living and see my children occasionally.”

Founded by: Nick Gillett
Nick has been writing and talking about games since the 90s, for media including The Guardian, The Daily Mail, Sky News, Channel 4 News, ITN, BBC World Service, Radio 2, Radio 4 and Radio 6 amongst others.

Daniel Etherington
Daniel Etherington wrote a weekly games column for BBC Collective for several years and has also contributed to the estimable Eurogamer. These days he lives in Rome and has written a novel called 'Everything I ever needed to know about saving the world I learned from videogames'.