Author Don Healey Shares the Adventures and Misadventures of a Small but Determined Explorer, Lost and Far From Home.

Online PR News – 02-October-2012 – Prescott, AZ – Granite Mountain Books today announced the publication of the eBook Puffernut Flies South, a warm hearted fantasy for young readers, by Prescott, Arizona author and resident Don Healey. A careless moment and an unplanned escape plunge Puffernut, a young cockatiel, into the wondrous world beyond his cage. When he discovers that he can’t find his way home, the best day of his life quickly turns from exciting to a little scary.

“I’ve thought about Puffernut for a long time,” said Don Healey the book’s author. “I was out walking and I spotted a flyer stapled to a telephone pole, ‘Lost Bird, Puffernut.’ The little guy has been rattling around in my brain ever since.”

Puffernut Flies South will enchant the young and the young at heart. Led astray by strangers, Puffernut embarks on a misdirected search for home. As his unplanned flight of passage takes him ever farther from his intended goal, it also leads him to new friends and new insights. Along the way he encounters a cast of memorable characters. There’s the knowledgeable Cadwalader P. Escurel a reclusive and slightly grumpy squirrel. A parrot, Capt’n Papagayo, is a wily old pirate guarding his treasure. Leopold the Great is an inch and a half long lizard who’s the benevolent king of all he surveys. Puffernut also faces challenges and dangers, confronting the likes of Rusty, a villainous cat, and a dread barbarian, Carnac the Usurper. Little Puffernut’s quest never returns him home but it leads him into an adventurous life in the wild and a newfound confidence in himself.

Puffernut Flies South, is a fun filled page turner that will leave young readers well satisfied. The eBook will also appeal to: parents, grandparents, teachers, and librarians who will appreciate its out-loud readability and its positive life lessons. Puffernut Flies South, is available online at http://www.amazon.com/dp/B009G4U966