Diatea Brings Forth the First Proven Herbal Remedy for Diabetes Control

DiaTea is a natural product to include Cassia Auriculata flowers which are the first proven all natural remedy for Type-2 diabetes which guarantees a 35% decrease in sugar level within 30- 45 days

Online PR News – 02-October-2012 – 10/1/2012, Nagercoil, Tamil Nadu – Nagercoil, Tamil Nadu All individuals down with diabetes need not worry further - DiaTea has arrived as a tested herbal remedy that has proclaimed to be the perfect cure for Type-2 Diabetes. The product is clinically verified to reduce sugar level up till 100 mg/dil within 45 days.

The herbal diabetes cure primarily comprises of Cassia auriculata which has been traditionally used to treat diabetic issues in the oriental lands of China and India.

The Cassia Auriculata flowers are handpicked from the South Indian hills under stringent hygienic conditions & are dried in the shades. "Our chief ingredient is derived from Marunthuvazh Malai Mountains which is believed to be the mythological Sanjeevani Mountain which was flown by Lord Hanuman to save the life of Laxmana. Cassia Auriculata suppresses the elevated glucose & lipid levels in blood up to 30 percent", stated the spokesperson of DiaTea.

Cinnamon is another ingredient of the herbal tea which has been proven to reduce triglycerides, blood glucose & LDL cholesterol significantly.

On further questions about the herbal tea, the DiaTea spokesperson informed that the herbal Diabetes control is ideal to cure diabetes and it would also prevent the growth of diabetes as well as 7 other major diseases. According to his statement, DiaTea helps in the release of insulin naturally which leads to proper functioning of the pancreas that in turn reduces the need of medical dependency to cure diabetes. "You just need to include DiaTea in place of regular tea to enjoy a diabetic free life. There is no need to depend on artificial diabetes control stuffs like pills", the spokesperson added.

Added to Type 2 Diabetes cure, DiaTea also claim to be effective for other health issues as well. The DiaTea manager stressed that their herbal tea remedy can cure impotency & it can enhance sperm count as well as help in treating constipation, liver injuries and disorders in the urinary tract.

The DiaTea media person further informed of a 30 day cash back guarantee offer for the customers. The customers here can ask for their money back if their diabetic level does not reduce within 30 days. "We guarantee complete effectiveness with continued use of our product or else you can have your money back", he commented further.

For more information, visit www.diatea.com.