Employees Donate Over 500 Pounds of Supplies to Haiti Relief Efforts

When it comes to helping out people in need, the employees of Cydcor are no strangers to the cause.

Online PR News – 21-March-2010 – – Westlake Village, California – When it comes to helping out people in need, the employees of Cydcor are no strangers to the cause. The company, a provider of face-to-face sales teams, fosters a culture of community outreach, encouraging employees to volunteer in their communities. When news of the devastating earthquake in Haiti reached their ears, Cydcor employees were more than happy to step up and help out.

In less than a week the employees at Cydcor were able to gather up 25 boxes, totaling over 500 pounds in weight, of donations for Haiti. Donations in the boxes included much-needed clothing for men, women, and children, as well as basic first aid supplies to send to the earthquake survivors. Boxes were sent to the impoverished country by way of Haiti Gospel Mission, a charitable organization based out of Despinos.

The Senior Vice President of Operations, Vera Quinn, said that the entire company was saddened by the tragedy that hit the small country. Many of the employees were overwhelmed by a desire to help out the impoverished nation, so the call for donations was met with overwhelming support. Employees brought in a variety of supplies for the country, including clothing in all sizes, shoes, and basic first aid supplies. In total, the company was able to gather up 25 large boxes of supplies to ship over to Haiti.

Relief efforts were made simpler thanks to connections that had already been made in Haiti. One of Cydcor offices’ own employees, an owner of one of the independent sales offices, had worked with Haiti Gospel Mission doing work in Haiti prior to the earthquake. Thanks to the owner’s connections with the charitable organization, Cydcor was able to find out what the survivors of the earthquake needed most so that they could start gathering up donations to send over.

The employees are not planning on leaving the group with a one-time donation, however. As part of its community outreach, Cydcor has adopted Haiti Gospel Mission as one of its own, and it has made plans to continue supporting the organization with future donations.