Groundbreaking New Book "Through The Withering Storm" tells true story of bipolar sufferer

"Through The Withering Storm" is a true story of a young man full of ambition, who fills each day with hard work, good grades and achieves excellence in his local Air Cadet Squadron, until mental illness strikes him down and he spends years trying to find himself again.

Online PR News – 01-October-2012 – Edmonton, Alberta – "Through The Withering Storm" is a book 20 years in the making, telling the story of a young man doing everything he thought was right but ending up in some of the most horrible places one could imagine. From the Psychiatric Wards and Mental Hospitals of Western Canada to the places the homeless gather in Southern California, This adventure takes this young man far and wide in search of who he really is.

It would take many years, and many hard lessons learned for our hero to realize that he needed support and medications to ever have a semblance of a life. The turning point came in 2001, upon release from a six month stay in the local mental hospital, being locked down for 5 months of that time, and in solitary for most of it. Since then, it has been a personal mission to finish and get a professional editor to work on this book, that is a must-read for anyone who knows a person, or is a person who suffers from mental illness. For too long the lives of the sick have ben shuffled aside, hidden away. It is my hope that more people will read this book and seek treatment or continue treatment before things go bad for them. Bad can mean more humiliation, more time in a hospital, or sadly, as has happened to friends, suicide.

As one considers whether this book is right for them or not, and whether mental illness is an issue that is important to them, it should be considered that an average of 1 in 5 people will at some part in their lives require treatment for a major affective disorder.
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