UpFront Recovery Announces Partnership with Luxury Drug Rehab Centers

UpFront Recovery has announced a partnership with luxury drug rehab centers in Laguna and San Clemente California

Online PR News – 01-October-2012 – --------------- – San Clemente, CA, (Sept. 29, 2012) – UpFront Recovery has announced a partnership with luxury drug rehab centers in Laguna and San Clemente California. The team at UpFront is excited by this new offering which can help overcome the fears of many individuals addicted to drugs.

In their announcement they pointed to the fact many patients attempt in home treatment for their drug addictions due to fears about privacy, comfort, and security in many traditional centers. Medical studies have shown conclusively that drug rehabs increase in effectiveness by having the patient remove themselves from their traditional environment.

To ease the fears of these patients UpFront Recovery negotiated access to facilities which provide a luxurious surrounding, the highest security available, and unmatched privacy. The treatment facility locations were not formally announced to aid in maintaining security and privacy.

It should be mentioned that traditional treatment facilities are still available. It is understood that luxury facilities do not fit into the budget of many people needing assistance. Standard drug rehab centers provide the same excellent care and healing benefits a much lower costs. The counselors recommend calling their offices or scheduling a consultation to determine the proper treatment program and facility to meet your personal needs.

Features drug rehabs rated as luxury level commonly offer which are not found in traditional facilities include swimming pools, massage sessions, luxurious outdoor recreational facilities, gourmet menus, and other features to provide added comfort.

The announcement made a stern reminder entering a luxury facility does not reduce the work which is necessary to recover from a drug addiction. The treatment plans are nearly identical in both types of facilities. You will encounter one-on-one counseling, group therapy sessions, and strict monitoring of behavior. You are expected to provide honesty, effort, and a desire to change.

Entering into a luxury drug rehab program with the idea it is a vacation is serious mistake. You may have moments of feeling pampered but most days you will feel challenged and pushed to make changes. Those same days are almost always accompanied with feelings of pride and accomplishment at the changes you are creating in your life.

It does not matter whether your drug rehab happens in a traditional facility or the finest luxury location in San Clemente. What matters is you make the changes in your life you desire.

You can learn more about the facilities and treatment options being offered by UpFront Recovery by using the contact information listed below.

Contact Information:
Company Name: UpFront Recovery
Website: http://soberlivingdrugrehab.com
Phone: 888-569-2655