Southern Tier Dermatology and Aesthetics Offers Cost Effective and Safe Alternative to Tanning Beds

Indoor tanning now forbidden to those under 18 by New York state law, however, Southern Tier Dermatology and Aesthetics have a safe and cheaper alternative.

Online PR News – 01-October-2012 – Endwell, NY – September 24th, 2012 – In August of this year, a new law went into effect prohibiting young people 17 and under from using indoor tanning beds or other UV lamp devices. Lawmakers, citing studies linking cancer and indoor tanning bed use, initiated the ban.
Many high school students whose parents had previously provided permission for tanning bed use felt they were left without options to improve their appearance – an important consideration for many high school students year round, not just during social or athletic seasons. Southern Tier Dermatology and Aesthetics offers a high-quality sunless tanning product line to help everyone look and feel their best.
“Young people and adults were using tanning beds because they don’t want to look pale,” says Roxanne Dundon, spray tan director for Southern Tier Dermatology. “We know, however, that exposure to UVA and UVB radiation is linked to aging of the skin and potentially cancer.”
Southern Tier Dermatology does not have spray-tan booths. While sometimes a cheaper technology, spray-tan booths can result in an uneven tan and do not always provide a natural color at the end. Also, the tanning booths are small, closed spaces with little ventilation, and some operators may not provide safety measures to protect against sensitive areas of the skin.
Dundon says the airbrushing technique used by Southern Tier Dermatology allows for a healthy, natural, customizable glow. With five years of study and experience, Dundon knows people’s skin and how to deal with troublesome skin tones and how to give each person a sunless tan that appears natural and effortless.
“It’s not just for young people,” she said. “Many people who seek out sunless tanning services have sensitivity to UV light – perhaps they have a history of skin cancer, or they are taking medications that make their skin overly sensitive. They can still have an even, healthy-looking tan without the risks of sunbathing or tanning beds.”
In addition to the initial tanning session, the dermatology practice and medi-spa offers a full line of products to help extend the life of the tan. The products used in Southern Tier’s airbrush tanning boutique will not damage or harm the skin, Dundon says. “We use the same products and process used by Hollywood stars at a low price that our patients can afford,” she added.