Aspire to Win - Ponds Femina Miss India 2013

Admissions Open at The Tiara for Ponds Femina Miss India 2013, Ponds, Femina Miss India Pune 2013, Ponds Femina Miss India Goa 2013, Ponds Femina Miss India Kolkata 2013, Femina Miss India Bangalore 2013, Femina Miss India Indore 2013, Ponds Femina Miss India Delhi 2013

Online PR News – 01-October-2012 – Pune – Admissions Open at The Tiara for Ponds Femina Miss India 2013, Ponds, Femina Miss India Pune 2013, Ponds Femina Miss India Goa 2013, Ponds Femina Miss India Kolkata 2013, Femina Miss India Bangalore 2013, Femina Miss India Indore 2013, Ponds Femina Miss India Delhi 2013, Ponds Femina Miss India Chandigarh 2013, I am She 2013, Gladrags Megamodel 2012/2013 and Gladrags Mrs. India 2012/2013
17 Winners in 15Years! A Winner Every Year at The Tiara Pageant Training Studio
1. Winner of Young Turk 1998 Sandip Soparrkar , Ace Choreographer, Ballroom dance teacher,
2. Femina Miss India Earth 2002 Gauhar Khan,
3. Femina Miss India Universe 2005 Amrita Thapar
4. Femina Miss India World 2009 Pooja Chopra,
5. Gladrags Megamodel 2009 and Femina Miss India East 2011 and Bollywood Diva 2011 Ankita Mohapatra
6. Mr. India Earth 2009, Mann Sukhija
7. Miss India Intercontinental 2009 Sonia Jain
8. Femina Miss India International 2010 Neha Hinge
9. Gladrags Megamodel 2010 Arshina Trivedi
10. Femina Miss India South 2011 Shweta Dolli
11. Gladrags Manhunt 2011 First Runner Up Maitraya Kotecha
12. Miss Tourism Queen International of the year 2011 Urvashi Rautela
13. Miss India Worldwide 2011 1st Runner Up Anvita Sudarshan
14. Femina Style Diva 2011 Dipna Patel
15. Femina Miss India Earth 2012 Prachi
16. Mrs. India International 2012, 1st Runners Up Reet Sahu
17. Urvashi Rautela Winner I am She Miss Universe India 2012
If you are participating in:
Femina Miss India: Height 5.6” upwards, Age: 18 to 25
I am She: Height 5.6 upwards, Age: 18 to 27
Gladrags Mrs India Height 5.3 upwards, Age: 20 to 50
Gladrags Megamodel: 5.3” Upwards Age: 17 to 27
Monday to Friday
To ensure that you have your seat please pay the booking amount of Rs 5000 which is an advance fee. This fee is non-refundable and non-transferable to another batch in another month. The remaining 20,000 has to be paid on the first day of class, For the hostel please call Mr. Anil Shinde 9822282817 .Meetings are only by appointment.
The Tiara is located only in Pune, we have no branches.
Course Details
• Filling up Forms and Registration Help
• Developing a Pageant Strategy
• Pageant & Ramp Walk
• Personality & Grooming
• Posture & Poise.
• Camera Facing Techniques & Portfolio Assistance ( Professional Portfolio Not Included)
• Public Speaking &Voice Modulation
• Modeling Technique & Body Language
• Making a Positive First Impression
• Wardrobe Analysis & Customized Wardrobe Assistance
• Diet, Nutrition & Fitness Assistance
. Confidence Building
• Mental Preparation
• Question Handling (Preliminary Round, Prejudging, On Stage and One-on-One)
• Personalize your answers so that you sound original
• Connecting with the Judges and Handling the Stage
• Platform Development
Don't be dismayed if you find that we are at Pune. You deserve the help of a Pageant professional; don't let location stand in the way of your dream. Assistance with accommodation provided. Limited seats. Reserve your spot now!
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