Caroline Bergonzi Creative Odyssey - Retrospective Of A Secret Artist

In a perfect confluence of people, time and space, Caroline Bergonzi, the enigmatic Monaco artist in New York, will soon expose herself.

Online PR News – 30-September-2012 – New York NY – Angel Orensanz Foundation for the Arts
172 Norfolk Street, NYC

• October 9th: 10 to 5pm
Opening: 6 to 10pm

• October 10th: 10 to 6pm
Book Signing: 4 to 630pm


“The actual CAROLINE BERGONZI CREATIVE ODYSSEY is there to testify for the exuberant merits of this inexhaustible source of talent," said Jan Van Alphen, Rubin Museum of Art.

Fourteen years ago, Caroline Bergonzi moved to NYC and was profoundly struck by the Gothic revival. She recently met with Al Orensanz and the project emerged, as if meant to be, a retrospective and book launch, with one hundred pieces including the 39 foot-long “Apocalypse” and her latest steel "Phoenix series," presented by Shiho Tanaka and other Butoh dancers of the Vangeline Theater.

Authenticity has always ruled Bergonzi’s life. Freedom made it unpredictable. Attached to her Principality and lineage, she prefers being anonymous in big cities. Artistically gifted from a young age, she acquired entrepreneurial tools in Paris before starting all over in New York. She swapped her cerebral perspective for a true experience of being alive, recorded and shared it through her paintings, sculptures and portraits.

Being true to her instincts paid off. Her “Hero’s Cycle” series represented the Principality at the World Expo in Shanghai. The originality and quality of her work, and her unusual journey, chronicled by press and TV, have made her a celebrity in Monaco.

“I cannot find a more interesting subject than life itself, motions and emotions, or a better subject than human beings, our unlimited collective mind and shared universal symbols,” states Bergonzi.

Perpetual explorer, Bergonzi intuitively draws from both science and spirituality. Life is all about energy, rhythm, flux and transformation. Mirroring her own contradictions, she seeks resolution through art, from confrontation to liberation. “Only then can I play and create, and finally clear my mind of unnecessary noise.”

From her lifetime passion for the human mind and her credo that “art can heal,” Bergonzi ultimately envisions starting a creativity-focused foundation, an interface for dialogue where "magic" will be studied scientifically, processed and delivered to the world.

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