New Author Daniel F. Bowman Debut Novel - ALARIC Child of the GOTHS - Released 1st November 2012

New Author Daniel F. Bowman Debut Novel - ALARIC Child of the GOTHS, a Historical and Mythological story. ISBN: 978-1-909049-08-6

Online PR News – 01-October-2012 – Huddersfield, England – ABOUT THE BOOK

Alaric, son of a Gothic clan leader, wants nothing more than to live an adventure. That is, until his young life is interrupted by a series of brutal acts: the raiding of the savage Huns, the cruel trickery of greedy Roman officials, and the murder of his father.

Meanwhile, another clan leader named Fritigern leads the Goths in battle against Rome’s armies. But they endure—and from that moment on, they are driven to survive in the face of death, to make a home for their people, and to exact revenge on Rome at the epic battle of Adrianople.

This is a Historical and Mythological story.
When Alaric, son of Reiks Alavivus, reached age 10, he went to live with Reiks Fritigern to learn the ways of a warrior. But upon reaching Fritigern’s land, they found that the Huns had come from the east, killing all in their path. No one could stand against them. The same messenger who brought this warning also carried an order from Kindins Athanaric, the ruler of the entire Tervingian people.

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Paperback: 326 pages
Publisher: Creative Print Publishing Ltd (November 01, 2012)
Language: English
ISBN: 978-1909049086


Nothing can keep Daniel Bowman from a well told story. He also translates multiple ancient languages and plays numerous instruments. He's married, with two young children.

Daniel F. Bowman is the winner of the February 2012 Creative Print International Unpublished Author competition.

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