Good Morning Cafe In Los Altos With A New Look For Customers

A Good Morning Cafe in Los Altos that provides All-American Breakfast and Lunch comes with a new look. A warm, inviting meeting place for family, friends or businesses alike. Enjoy delicious homemade food, friendly service and elegant ambiance

Online PR News – 29-September-2012 – Los Altos, CA – Los Altos, California (PR Newswire), Jan 24, 2011: If you are looking for the homely taste away from home in any Cafe in Los Altos here’s some good news. A Good Morning cafe is here with a makeover! Providing an All American Breakfast and Lunch, this is the one wonderful hangout of the many local restaurants Los Altos has on offer.

The cafe is open through all seven days of the weeks on specific timings. You can take a taste of the varied items served on the menu. Whether it is an American breakfast or lunch or even a brunch, their menu items can suit your palette as well as your budget.

The unique item on offer of this Cafe in Los Altos is their Famous Benedicts. These come in a wide variety of tastes and assortments. There are classic egg benedicts, Bacon benedicts, Florentine Benedicts, Veggie Benedicts and so forth. Two added attractions to the list include, Turkey Mushroom and Avocado Benedict and Spinach, Bacon and tomato Benedict. Customers have given quiet favorable testimonials not just for these Benedicts but overall service, lunch and even juice varieties of this cafe Los Altos.

Their beverages section offers both hot and cold varieties. However as they say it, the items on offer have that most personal touch of taste you can ever have in Los Altos. There are hot tea, hot chocolate, cappuccino, cafe mocha, Latte, Espresso and so forth in the hot beverages section. In the juice category, there are fruit juices and one unique freshly squeezed orange juice variety. New varieties have also been added which include ice blended drinks and milkshakes.

Breakfast includes as many varieties as possible, ranging from sandwiches to scrambles and from pancakes to Omelets and Benedicts. There are sandwiches in lunch as well not to mention coming in many different varieties and combos. There are Grilled Ham and Cheese sandwiches, and Reuben and Patty Melt varieties and so forth. You can enjoy them with your family and friends in Mountain View to make you feel comfortable. New add-ons are also on offer in the form of Classic Tuna Sandwich, Philly Cheese Stick, Cajun Melt, Club Deluxe and Royal Deck. So if you do not wish to go to a diner you can simply call for take away at their number and get good food for yourself.

About A Good Morning Cafe

Founded early in 2006, this Cafe in Los Altos is a family owned restaurant that offers a personal touch to its ambiance that you would not find in any of the local cafes in Los Altos. The cafe is situated in Village Court Shopping Center. Easily accessible from Sunnyvale as well as Palo Alto you can enjoy the delicious taste and ambiance of one of the most wonderful local diners in Los Altos.

A Good Morning Cafe, this restaurant is an all American Cafe in Los Altos providing a delicious menu with friendly service and comfortable ambiance in the Silicon Valley. For local restaurants Los Altos mouth watering homemade all American breakfasts and lunch visit