Family Therapy – FREE hypnosis mp3 Subliminal Recording.

Probably the first free subliminal mp3 recording devised to bring harmony to disruptive families.

Online PR News – 20-March-2010 – – The Miracle of Self-Healing publishing company have just released their first FREE family therapy recording for dysfunctional families. While most of the company's recordings are FREE hypnosis mp3 recordings, this latest release is a subliminal mp3 recording. It's sole purpose is to bring harmony to any disruptive family. This unique family therapy recording is the latest in a wide range of free hypnosis mp3 recordings form The Miracle of Self-Healing.

This recording - titled 'Family 5' - is a subliminal recording. so it can be played any time and anywhere. Plus, being subliminal the self-hypnosis style affirmations cannot be heard, therefore family therapy can take place surreptitiously within the family environment. Moreover, being a free recording this is family therapy any family can afford.

As company CEO, Christine MacDonald, revealed, “Since we relaunched our free hypnosis mp3 site a few months ago, we've had a constant request for a recording to help dysfunctional families, particularly from families with aggressive members.” Christine went on to explain, “We therefore commissioned our most successful author, Steven Luzern, to produce this family therapy recording and the initial feedback about the recording is outstanding.”

It was only a few weeks ago this relaunched free hypnosis mp3 site proudly announced it was receiving over 10,000 unique visitors each week, and rising. So with the addition of this new family therapy recording it certainly looks like their success is going to continue on from success to even greater success.

A free instant download of this family therapy recording can be obtained from the following website.