MTS Gears Up to Meet Increased Demand for Obstetrics & Gynecology Transcription

The improved access of women to new prevention-related health care services has increased the demand for obstetrics & gynecology transcription. MTS is focused on meeting this demand.

Online PR News – 29-September-2012 – Tulsa,OK – New healthcare law is designed to provide women with greater control over their healthcare by covering several new prevention-related health care services free of cost. Beginning August 1, 2012, women will have access to eight new prevention-related health care services. This will increase the demand for obstetrics & gynecology transcription services, and MTS Transcription Services, an established Tulsa-based medical transcription company, is all set to meet this requirement.

Obstetrics & gynecology is a high-risk specialty and transcription has to be handled with great care. Documentation errors can have far-reaching consequences and damage the reputation of a healthcare facility. MTS, with years of experience in the field, is well aware of all the risks involved and suitably equipped to provide high quality medical transcription services for this specialty. Its teams of expert transcriptions can handle any high volume transcription project and meet the rising demand for obstetrics & gynecology transcription.

MTS helps gynecologists with the transcription of a wide range of files: initial evaluation reports, consultation reports, emergency room reports, operation reports, referral letters, progress notes, history and physicals, discharge summaries, and MRI scan reports. Additionally, the company’s transcription will also cover the eight new services which include well-woman visits, gestational diabetes screening, and various types of counseling sessions.

Assured client benefits with MTS:

• Choice of dictation methods - toll free number and digital dictation
• Browser-based of FTP file transfer modes
• Stringent 3-level QA
• Accuracy levels of up to 99% with good audio
• HIPAA-compliance
• HL7 Transcription Interface
• Document flow management software for end-to-end data tracking

All transcriptions are provided the required standardized format in custom turnaround time (TAT). Fast, accurate and complete transcripts allow quicker billing and speeds up reimbursement.

What’s really impressive about this company’s offerings is that its obstetrics & gynecology transcription is accurate as well as affordable. Pricing is based on factors such as volume, specialty requirements, TAT, and dictation method. MTS keeps its clients happy with medical transcription services at rates 30-40 percent below existing market rates. New clients are offered a free test drive.

About MTS Transcription Service

MTS Transcription Service, with headquarters in Tulsa, Oklahoma and various offshore offices, serves various branches of medicine. This experienced company’s provides affordable medical transcription services for hospitals, group practices, community health centers, and emergency departments.

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