Safety Direct America Presents Tested & Proven Non-Slip Floor Treatment

Safety Direct America is presenting a highly successful anti-slip floor treatment solution called the Non-Slip 21. The company also offers a number of credible anti-slip tapes and coatings

Online PR News – 29-September-2012 – 9/27/2012, Mission Viejo, CA – Mission Viejo, CA Safety Direct America, the leading slip resistant floor product resource has come up with a highly successful anti slip floor treatment solution. It's called the Non-Slip 21 which is a tested & proven slip resistance treatment used in a number of premier ships, hotels and restaurants earlier.

"For the last 15 years, Non-Slip 21 has been successfully used in a number of prestigious commercial and business houses as a trusted non slip floor treatment. It's a non-abrasive, transparent, professionally applied, verified and monitored treatment solution that can highly minimize risks of slipping thereby saving the company from huge liabilities", stated one of the major executives from Safety Direct America, subsidiary of the Sotter Engineering Corporation. The executive stressed that Non-Slip 21 is the sole non-slip floor treatment that is endorsed by the "Ceramic Tile Institute of America".

As per the Safety Direct spokesperson, Non-Slip 21 holds the record of passing through the quarterly "floor friction tests" continuously for 5 years or even more. It was used in the seven-star famous Dubai based hotel Burj-al-Arab hotel.

According to the statements of the company manager, Non-Slip 21 would create an anti-slip honeycomb structure on the floor top leading to better suction and traction in the wet conditions which drastically enhances slip resistance for the floors. They have their certified and approved slip resistance test which would provide their Non-Slip 21 customers with a legal periodic documentation of continued floor safety. The test reports from the company are stamped and signed by a registered professional engineer.

"The good part is that Non-Slip 21 won't affect the beauty of your floor and thus it's easy to use on almost every floor type like marble, terrazzo, granite, concrete, wood etc.", says a senior official of Safety Direct America.

Added to Non-Slip 21, Safety Direct America also presents a versatile range of anti slip coatings and anti slip tape. There are adhesive slip resistance floor tapes, DIY non-slip abrasive coatings for floors, many floor cleaning products and slip-resistance testing services on offer from the company.

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