Keep Your Family Protected from Food Supply Shortage with Survival Seed Kit.

Keep Your Family Protected from Food Supply Shortage with Survival Seed Kit.

Online PR News – 20-March-2010 – – In the case of most emergencies it is an individual’s preparation as well as ability to react and adapt to a situation that will determine whether they can survive. For many people the idea of preparation might include flashlights, extra batteries, a shortwave radio and maybe some extra cans of food but in the event of a real emergency, one that could affect the world food supply, then these simple steps just aren’t enough to protect your family.

We already have an idea about how people will react in the event of a real emergency as sever snowstorm warnings or potential hurricanes and tornadoes usually cause a mass rush to the local grocery store. Within hours of a forecasters warning the shelves are left empty as concerned people fight over the last loaf of bread or can of corn.

The reality is in the event of a real emergency, one much worse than just a passing cold front or tropical storm, those shelves can be left empty for an extended period of time and if you’re not prepared then the result can be catastrophic. To prepare for such a scenario you need to know you’ll have a food supply that will keep you and your family nourished and has the solution.

Offering a Survival Seed Kit packed with open pollinated, non-hybrid seeds, brings peace of mind to those who know that an emergency can come at any moment.

What the Survival Seed Kit guarantees is a lasting food supply specifically designed to produce nutritionally dense fruits and vegetables during a time of crisis. Because the seeds included in the Survival Seed Kit have not been genetically modified they are capable of growing foods that then produce seeds that can be replanted, thus an endless supply of nutrition.

While many people may scoff at the idea that our food supply could one day be so depleted that we would have to rely on our own hands to eat the reality is it could be closer to happening than anyone wants to admit. The world’s population continues to grow and this expansion comes at the cost of land being developed for habitation, meaning land that had been used to grow food will become land that buildings and homes sit atop. An increase in population and a cut to food production is an obvious sign that problems are on the horizon.

Couple the rise in population with the world’s push for alternative energy sources, specifically bio-fuels, and that food supply continues to diminish as things like corn and wheat are taken off the table and turned into fuels. Taking these things into account, it only makes sense, and really becomes your duty to ensure you are prepared for a food supply shortage.

Survival Seed Bank provides you with the peace of mind that in the event there is a food shortage you will have a sustainable and nutritional source of food. Each of the Survival Seed Bank varieties has been hand-picked for germination rate, nutritional density and storage life and because these seeds are true heirlooms they produce extremely nutritious plants.

In addition to the open pollinated seeds, the Survival Seed Kit includes detailed growing instructions for each variety with helpful information on harvesting of seed stock for the following year in a survival situation.

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