Provincial Nominees to receive New Pre-Arrival Immigration Services in Manitoba

The Provinces in Canada have various programs running with the aim of settling the new comers faster and better. Manitoba’s new pre-arrival program is surely a blessing for the immigrants coming here.

Online PR News – 28-September-2012 – Avenue Surrey BC Canada – Manitoba has always offered something good and smooth to its immigrants. There are online tools available which help and guide the selected immigrants to plan a stratagemto looking for a job and settling down here.

The tool on “Working in Manitoba” gives you a complete picture of your occupation, job description, duties, wages, job openings and other requirements you need to make while you’re moving to Manitoba. The tool will also let you know if your education is enough and adequate for getting a job here or not.

In order to integrate the labor market, new set of pre-arrival strategy has been announced by the Greg Selinger. This announcement has been made in an orientation program announced for pre-arrival settlement in Manitoba.

The features of the new pre-arrival program

Under this program the province would be developing a series of pre-arrival program that will help the provincial nominees to start with their employment and settlement planning much before they reach the province.

1.Manitoba Provincial Nominee Programwill help the selected nominees to start with their settlement plans.

2.They will be helped to make an “Action plan” and a road map for them to find a job after coming to Manitoba.

3.The plan will also include an alternate option if they the Provincial nominees fail or get delayed in availing a job.

4.Settlement plan will help them to understand the trends and demands of the labor market.

5.Before the Nominees arrive here they will be linked to “Manitoba Start”. This forum will give them an opportunity to interact with “Employment Councillors”. This will be one of the important steps to integrate the process with “labor market”.

6.Settlement orientation program and labor market preparation services will be made available in as many as 25 other countries with the help of Canadian Immigrant Integration Program. These would be the countries from where the province gets more number of Immigrants.

7.Online English Language Programs would be made accessible to the selected nominees so that they improve upon their fluency. The training would be provided on a “one to one basis.” This will help them settling down in Manitoba.

8.The orientation program would be funded by the Department of Citizenship and Immigration.

9.The aim of the program is to provide all possible training, knowledge and empowerment to the selected nominees so that they settle down better.

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