“Robot” Replaces Personal Fitness Trainers and Gym Memberships

A computer program automates the process of creating personalized weight loss, workout, and fitness routines.

Online PR News – 28-September-2012 – Gaithersburg – Washington, D.C., USA, September 28, 2012 - Over the past 10 to 15 years regular physical activity continues to be replaced by much more sedentary alternatives. Even everyday activities like walking, performing labor intensive work and home chores continue to be replaced by the drive, flick of a switch and machines that do hauling, lifting, pushing and pulling. Our nation’s youth spend the majority of their time after school doing homework and playing games on the computers and through the television (not to mention watching TV and movies). And last, online social websites are keeping people inside at their computer monitors instead of out of the house meeting with friends, playing sports, and all sorts of moving activities.

So as society slows down their activity and continues to eat unhealthy meals, what can be done to fight against this destructive combination of behavior and personal choices. The answer is nothing new – Planned Exercise and a Healthy Weight Loss Program (without the need for risky diet pills or surgery).

Enter a new website that is promoting a program that uses an innovative use of today’s technology to make exercising, workouts and healthy living much more interesting and motivational to today’s “computer-heavy generation”. www.FunFitnessRobot.com

In just 30 seconds this program creates 100% fully customized 4-minute exercise workouts designed for weight loss, fat loss and total body fitness – right before your eyes. It was designed as a futuristic web-based software program that works with every browser and every computer – guaranteed.

According to the product’s website, “It’s just like having your own personal trainer on-demand. You will be working out along side an actual video of a trainer performing the exact 4 minute routine you just created. It’s the closest thing to having him come to you.” No more guesswork. It’s 100% foolproof. Just click “Go” and follow along with the workout. That’s it, and an 8 week free guarantee on the product is always a plus to any practical consumer.

Sounds like heaven, right? Where’s the catch? Well, even though the workouts last just 4 minutes, it’s a really challenging 4 minutes. And when you end up completing 2 or 3 rounds, you should be spent. So if you hate to work hard, then you should just stick with something softer - like yoga, walking or a 30 minute “curvy” facility.

So can a computer robot program actually take the place of a personal exercise and weight loss trainer, as well as the costs and travel associated with going to the gym? Yes, it certainly can….for the right type of people that finds the use of today’s latest technology a welcome part of their everyday life. No leaving the house, easy to workout when your schedule permits, customized exercises to meet individual user needs, and you actually watch a personal trainer performing the routines as you do them yourself.

Given the American people, young and old, are fighting record high levels of obesity and the associated health risks, another method of exercise training and weight loss instruction using modern technology should be seen as a very welcome option to the majority of society.

Wanting to help people fight against obesity, diabetes, and other weight related medical conditions, they set out to find how today’s technology is being applied to the problem. They created the FunFitnessRobot.com website to specifically promote the one product that met all of their program standards: 1) promotes weight loss and physical health, 2) is customized to individuals, 3) can be performed by the majority of people, 4) provides actual visual instruction, and 5) is priced at a very low cost. For more information feel free to visit the website at http://www.funfitnessrobot.com/ or email them directly at support@funfitnessrobot.com