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A Believable Unicorn Tale by Oreogn Author William R. Jenkins, Jr.....Read about one South India man's compelling search for a young Oregon wild horse destined to become a unicorn in 1861.

Online PR News – 27-September-2012 – Beaverton Oregon – The Alicorn Quest begins in India during the devastating loss of six pagodas and an art school during a large storm, earthquake and tsunami. It happens in the east coast community of Mahabalipuram where the magic of the Unicorn is captured in gold. Ultimately, ancient Indian elements born of disaster emerge in Madras during the 1861 Diwali festival. At the height of the celebration a force from under the sea drops an enchanted amulet and bangle onto a beach at the edge of the city. This gold jewelry holds the secret of the star amulet only known to Sanjit and Javid, twin evil sorcerers and the kind soothsayer Agilan. He guides Raj to pursue the powers of the unicorn to be used as a force for the benefit of others.

The mysterious find presents a series of difficult challenges, which are required of Raj, a young south Indian man and the colt he pursues on the other side of the world. Raj is compelled to join the crew of a clipper ship which is sailing to San Francisco and then travel to Oregon. He has been prepared for the quest by Agilan with only the sub-conscious knowledge the amulet will become the unicorn horn.
The culture and rich history of India combine with those of Oregon during the state's gold rush days of the same period.

William R. Jenkins, Jr. has been a Portland Oregon resident since 1978.
In 1987, he began work as Principal Designer and CAD Manager for the Portland Oregon office of a national environmental consulting engineering firm. During his twenty years with the company, a lot of job-related writing opportunities came his way. In fact, there was never a shortage of work assignments requiring project documents. It was during that time he found he enjoyed writing the technical guides, training materials and project standards that were a major part of his day-to-day activities. In the spring of 2007, he left the engineering world in order to pursue his dream of writing fiction.
The totally unfettered existence of wild horses in Oregon inspired him to write a novel about the transformation of a special wild colt to a unicorn. After watching several of them standing unafraid on a highway in central Oregon, he was determined to take a new approach to unicorn story.
The tale tells of events that happened in ancient India and describes the cultural customs of that country in 1861. The Indian elements of the novel combine with those of Oregon during the state's gold rush days of the same period.

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