Australian visits Benton, Kentucky for Training

Ford's RV Service & Training Center goes Global with their Certified hands-on RV refrigeration training.

Online PR News – 28-September-2012 – Benton, Kentucky – Ford's RV Service & Training Center in Benton, Kentucky, who are the pioneers of RV refrigeration reconditioning, trained Keith, a student from Australia this month. Keith told the Ford's that he has wanted to attend their training for a few years now and finally got the opportunity. The Ford's are delighted to be able to help others add to an existing business or to even start a new one. Many have prescheduled for this years training season from across the USA and Canada. Since Roger and Onna Lee Ford have published two books on RV refrigeration, numerous technicians and RV owners from across the globe have been contacting and visiting Ford's RV for training and service. Ford's RV stands on their quality service, unprecedented warranty, and are the only ones to provide training in the field of RV refrigerator reconditioning, which is a service that is in great demand across the globe. People from all walks of life are obtaining this training from the HVAC technician, the Appliance technician, the RV technician, and RV owner themselves. These people see the demand for this service in their area and are taking advantage of the opportunity of getting in on the ground floor of this service. For more information on Keith and Ford's RV Service & Training Center go to: or call 270-354-9239.

About Fords RV Service and Training:
Roger D. & Onna Lee Ford are experts in RV refrigeration and are well versed with the demands of reconditioning these units. Ford's RV offers the best training and services with full client satisfaction. No one offers what we do. Ford's RV is a company established in year 1984 by Roger and Onna Lee. Please see our webiste