World War II Marine Corps Official History Publications Compilation Published

BACM Research - has announced the publishing of World War II Marine Corps official history volumes created by the United States Marine Corps' History and Museums Division

Online PR News – 27-September-2012 – Los Angeles, CA – BACM Research - has announced the publishing of 29 volumes of World War II Marine Corps official history created by the United States Marine Corps' History and Museums Division.

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Included among the volumes are:

A Chronology of the United States Marine Corps 1935-1946 - Derived from official records, this chronology is a ready reference by time sequence to Marine Corps activities from the introduction of amphibious concepts in 1935 to the return to peacetime strength after World War II.

Special Marine Corps Units of World War II - Tells of the development, deployment, and disposition of the five types of special units: raiders, parachutists, glider forces, barrage balloon squadrons, and base defense battalions.

The Right to Fight African-American Marines in World War II - President Franklin Roosevelt ordered that the Marine Corps begin accepting African-Americans into a newly created segregated system in July 1942.

Breaking the Outer Ring - Marine Landing in the Marshall Islands - By the beginning of 1944, United States Marine forces had already made a dramatic start on the conquest of areas overrun by the Japanese early in World War II. Successful American assaults in the Southwest Pacific, beginning with Guadalcanal in the Solomon Islands in August 1942, and in the Central Pacific at Tarawa in the Gilbert Islands in November 1943, were crucial campaigns to mark the turn of the Japanese floodtide of conquest. The time had now come to take one more decisive step: assault of the islands held by Japan before 1941. These strategic islands, mandated to the Japanese by the League of Nations after World War I, were a source of mystery and speculation. Outsiders were barred; hazardous fortifications were presumed: yet any Central Pacific drive towards Japan's inner defense ring had to confront these unknowns. The obvious target to begin with was the Marshall Islands. As early as 1921, a Marine planning officer had pinpointed their geographic significance.

Closing In - Marines in the Seizure of Iwo Jima - Iwo Jima represented at once the supreme test and the pinnacle of American amphibious capabilities in the Pacific War. The sheer magnitude of the task, planning the assault and the sustaining of that many troops against such a formidable objective made Operation Detachment an enduring model of "detailed planning and violent execution." Here the element of surprise was not available to the attacker. Yet the speed of the American landing and the toughness with which assault units withstood the withering barrages astounded the Japanese defenders. Iwo Jima in American hands produced immediate and highly visible benefits to the strategic bombing campaign. Marines fighting on the island were reminded of this mission time and again as crippled B-29 Superfortresses flew in from Honshu. The capture of Iwo Jima served to increase the operating range, payload, and survival rate of the big bombers.

The United States Marines on Iwo - Battle and the Flag Raisings - This concise narrative of the Marine battle for Iwo Jima and the events surrounding the famous flag raisings atop Mount Suribachi was compiled from original records and appropriate historical works. Includes biographical material on some of the flag raisers.

Other titles in this collection include:

The Final Campaign Marines in the Victory of Okinawa
Across the Reef - The Marine Assault of Tarawa
A Close Encounter the Marine Landing on Tinian
Cape Gloucester the Green Inferno
And A Few Marines - Marines in the Liberation of the Philippines
Breaching the Marianas - The Battle for Saipan
Liberation - Marines in the Recapture of Guam
Outpost in the North Atlantic - Marines in the Defense of Iceland
Securing the Surrender - Marines in the Occupation of Japan
The United States Marines in the Occupation of Japan
Silk Chutes and Hard Fighting US Marine Corps Parachute Units in WWII
Annotated Bibliography of the US Marine Corps in the Second World War
Opening Moves - Marines Gear Up for War
Infamous Day - Marines at Pearl Harbor 7 December 1941
A Magnificent Fight - Marines in the Battle for Wake Island
The United States Marines in Iceland, 1941-1942
Bloody Beaches the Marines at Peleliu
Condition Red Marine Defense Battalions in World War II
Time of the Aces - Marine Pilots in the Solomons 1942 - 1944
Top of the Ladder - Marine Operations in the Northern Solomons
Up the Slot - Marines in the Central Solomons
Iwo Jima - Uncommon Valor

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