New Social Network Allows Users to Share its Profits

Zurker-a new social networking site, is currently in beta testing, and is not available to the general public without an invitation.
One of the great things about Zurker is that you can own a stake in it.

Online PR News – 28-September-2012 – Dublin – This week news broke that Facebook was worth a whopping ninety four billion pounds. It’s grown considerably in less than ten years and with hindsight every user would have invested in the beginning if they were to benefit from the massive return.
However, this opportunity has now passed for Facebook and Mark Zuckerburg no longer needs investors, but one social network is dawning that promises to reward its members with monetary means just for inviting their friends.
As Facebook started with a unique twist that offered exclusivity to its users, it grew as people couldn’t wait to sign up to become a part of the next big thing. Over the years many social networks have tried to rival the platform with little success as they’ve basically copied the format instead of inventing something new and original.
Now a new social network has found the answer by allowing members to invest with money or time gaining VShares that will increase in value as the popularity as the site grows. Members can invest from $1 per VShare or simply invite their friends to join the network gaining VShares as each invitee signs up.
The whole start-up has received no investment at all instead it’s funded solely by members giving an incentive for users to share the story of Zurker on their own blogs, social networks or websites. It promises to be the next big thing and in ten years the shareholders may just find they have equity worth millions.
The custodians of Zurker are positive about the future and believe their platform could indeed rival Facebooks ninety four billion dollar enterprise they remind us, “back in 2004 MySpace was the most dominant social network and Facebook was virtually unknown. It grew out of nothing as it had a clever strategy for growth, namely the exclusivity that restricted access to the elite of Harvard before the Ivy League. As people sought to be included Facebook became an international success and we believe we have a completely unique strategy of our own that has already seen incredible growth since we came out of alpha testing in January of this year”.
Members still need an invite to sign up, much like Google Plus, however Zurker boasts more features than Facebook and as it continues to receive investment from its members and popularity through sharing there’s no doubt it will become the next big thing.
One of the members is now inviting everyone to join using the following link:
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