Wrike Live Enhances Project Management with Real-Time Collaboration Tools

Leading provider of social project management software announces its latest version, Wrike Live, enhanced with new interactive features for efficient team collaboration in real time.

Online PR News – 27-September-2012 – Campbell, CA – Wrike, a leading provider of social project management software, unveils its new version dubbed “Wrike Live,” which will empower project teams with even more interactive, fast and efficient features for virtual collaboration. In Wrike Live, people can easily co-author task and project descriptions in real time, instantly seeing each other’s edits right as they are being typed. One more addition to Wrike’s innovative solution is the new, redesigned Activity Stream, which gives a big live picture of project updates in a work-centric, three-pane view.

With Wrike’s new live collaborative text editor, users can edit task and project information simultaneously, while all the changes get saved automatically. What makes this feature revolutionary for the project management space is the fact that the text updates or inserted images instantly appear right as someone is entering them, so that there’s no conflict between users’ input. Combined with the rich formatting capabilities, Wrike’s live editor makes task descriptions look like online text documents that teams can easily collaborate on. This product update is a prominent enhancement to Wrike’s social project management mix that includes live discussions, online document collaboration and much more.

The next-generation Activity Stream is another social product update that inspired the “Live” name of Wrike’s new version. The new three-pane view makes it easy to navigate between the live overview of project updates, details of a particular task and the project structure. In one screen, workers can stay in the loop with colleagues’ actions, discuss work in real time and post important files.

“Wrike’s Activity Stream takes real-time teamwork to a new level of productivity in a familiar and totally intuitive look. With its three panes, it resembles an e-mail inbox, but it provides what e-mail never could – smooth collaboration and interactivity. It’s a live, dynamic central hub for your work updates where you can feel the pulse of your projects,” says Andrew Filev, Wrike’s CEO. “In addition to more interactivity, Wrike Live release also means even more speed and, therefore, more efficiency in project collaboration. The new social features will help both co-located and distributed teams get more connected.”

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About Wrike

Wrike is an award-winning provider of social project management and collaboration software that helps both co-located and distributed teams get things done together in real time. Wrike’s product vision is based on the innovative “work graph” model, connecting all work in one central hub that is comfortable to manage and navigate. Adopting the features of the “social graph” to the project collaboration space, Wrike allows users to bring together as many projects as they need and work on them in a scalable environment. Wrike is led by CEO Andrew Filev, a seasoned software entrepreneur, product manager and project manager who launched his first software company at the age of 18 and quickly grew it from a startup into a thriving international business. As more and more businesses trust Wrike for collaborating in the cloud, the company shows stable, triple-digit growth year-to-year. Wrike’s customer base is notable for its wide international outreach and famous brands on board, including ECCO, Deloitte, Adobe, EMC, Stanford University and more.

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