Customer Reviews Show Good Feet Arch Supports Relieve Foot Pain

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Online PR News – 27-September-2012 – San Diego, CA – Good Feet, an international manufacturer and retailer of personally-fit arch supports, has seen an increase in customer reviews touting the benefits of their product and adding support to the claim that proper srch support, specifically the use of prefabricated arch supports, aids in the reduction or elimination of foot pain.

Good Feet offers a non-medical solution to relieving foot pain, back pain, heel pain and other symptoms associated with the common complaint of plantar fasciitis through prefabricated arch supports, insoles and cushions. Many Good Feet customers find immediate relief from foot pain and back pain through the use of the company’s arch support products.

What Do Arch Supports Do?
Good Feet arch supports are designed to place the feet in an ideal position. This ideal position is designed to evenly distribute the body’s weight, improve balance and help to keep feet from pronating (rolling inward) or supinating (rolling outward).

Good Feet Customer Reviews and Testimonials
Do Good Feet arch supports relieve foot pain and back pain? The rise in positive consumer reviews is saying yes, they can. Wearers of Good Feet arch supports are saying that because the products are personally fitted to arch length and not be shoe size and also because of their ability to place the foot in an ideal position, they can help relieve foot pain and back pain along with a variety of other foot problems and symptoms. In addition, many customers have expressed they could finally walk pain free after being fitted with Good Feet arch supports.*

According to customer reviews and testimonials, Good Feet arch supports have also been affiliated with relieving pain from:

• Plantar Fasciitis
• Heel Pain
• Heel Spurs
• Hammertoes
• Bunions
• General Foot Pain
• Pain in the top of the feet
• Pain in the bottom of the feet
• Leg pain
• Lower back pain
• Upper back pain

While, Good Feet arch supports can assist many individuals with pain maladies, the Good Feet certified arch support fitters do not diagnose foot ailments or prescribe corrective medical procedures.

Certified Good Feet arch support fitters assist customers in finding and understanding what arch supports do and how, if properly worn, can relieve foot pain, back pain, plantar fasciitis and more.

Good Feet stores offer free consultations and education on how their products can help alleviate or eliminate foot pain and discomfort. To locate a Good Feet store, visit

*1Good Feet Prospective Consumer Survey–4217 respondents, April 2012
*2Good Feet Customer Survey–2958 respondents, April 2012

Good Feet Worldwide, LLC is an international retailer of personally fit, pre-fabricated arch supports. The company has franchise locations throughout the United States and internationally in Puerto Rico, Canada, UK, Kuwait and Korea. For more information or to learn about franchise opportunities call 800-509-4535 or visit

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