iPad iSecurity Camera App is a $600 million ROI in Three Years -- Says Carl Robinson

iPad sales will reach 100 million by the end of 2012 and more than double that number by 2014 according to leading industry analyst. Each ipad is capable of protecting a home, office and itself against burglary with the installation of the iSecurity Camera 4.5 app.

Online PR News – 28-September-2012 – Hagerstown, Maryland – "What make’s the iPad iSecurity Camera app worth $600 million over the next two years is it’s usefulness and relevance in a user's daily life says Carl Robinson, a spokesperson for isecurityphoto.net. iSecurity Camera 4.5 motion detection captures and sends pictures of an intruder from ipad or iPhone to Internet, iPhone and smartphone email 24/7 when ARMED. Fast, high-level mobile photo security alarm for your home, office and personal property against burglary and theft. A perfect ipad universal photo security camera alarm system partnership. This app is the latest, smartest, most reliable personal mobile app security camera system for iPad.

iPad video calls, movies, television, word processing, multimedia and Internet Messaging will reach over 200 million iPad customers in 2014. iPad 3, 4, and 5 will continue the current robust growth trend and changing communications, home security and entertainment demands.

iPads and iPhones are high value theft targets. Rogue techies put stolen iPads and iPhones through a process called jailbreaking or unlocking. They are then shipped overseas where they are resold from $300 to $900 dollars on the black market and used on any network without the possibility of serial number tracking and recovery. A charging or unattended iPad can quickly disappear forever. Fast iPad or iPhone theft detection and alarm is crucial to theft prevention and recovery. Equally and possibly even more important is the detection and alarm notification of a home burglary in progress. Home burglaries exceed three million a year in the United States and at least one quarter million residents are violently attacked and seriously injured each year for the past ten years. Some are even murdered in their own homes by burglars. These reasons make the iSecurity Camera 4.5 a viable investment for iPad and iPhone owners.

iSecurityPhoto.net is a proprietary web site, not affiliated with Apple, Inc., for the commercial sale of iSecurity Camera 4.5, offering for sale a 60% limited partnership to a qualified buyer through sealed bid. The winning bidder must show the ability and resources to operate the site commercially. Sealed bids with a certified check and cover letter for consideration may be mailed to iSecurity Photo, 20207 Robinwood Court, #106, Hagerstown, MD., 21742.”

iPad growth trend data, source Apple, Inc.

- Apple sold 17 million iPads last quarter for a total of 84 million in two and a half years
- That's more iPads than PCs sold in the quarter by any PC manufacturer
- Hundreds of competing tablets have been launched, to little effect
- A year ago, iPad had a 62% tablet market share worldwide
- Last quarter, iPad had a 68% share
- iPad accounts for 91% of Web traffic for all tablets

App Store:
- 700,000 apps in the App Store, 250,000 tailored for the iPad
- 90% of them are downloaded every month
- The average customer uses 100 of them

App Store:
- 700,000 apps in the App Store, 250,000 tailored for the iPad
- 90% of them are downloaded every month
- The average customer uses 100 of them

- Prices: The new iPhone 5 starts at $199 for 16G, $299 for 32G, $399 for 64G with 2-year contract
- The 16G iPhone 4S falls to $99, the 8G iPhone 4 is free on contract
- Preorders start Sept. 14
- Sales start Sept. 21 in the U.S. and 8 more countries
- Ships to 20 more countries on Sept. 28
- By December will be in 100 countries, 240 carriers
- iOS 6 ships free on Sept. 19
- The iPhone 5 is 18% thinner than the iPhone 4S
- At 112 grams, it's 20% lighter
- The display measures 4 inches diagonally
- 1136 x 640 screen resolution
- 16:9 aspect ratio
- Accommodates a fifth row of icons
- 44% more color saturation
- One less layer in the display
- 4G LTE modem is twice as fast as fastest 3G standard
- New Wi-Fi radio gets download speeds of up to 150 Mbps
- A6 dual-core processor is 2X faster iPhone 4S
- 2X faster graphics
- Launches Pages app 2.1X faster. Saves iPhoto image 1.7X faster
- 8 hours talk time on the battery, 250 hours standby
- 8 megapixel rear camera, f2.4 aperture, 25% smaller
- 40% faster photo capture
- Shoots 1080p HD video
- Front camera shoots FaceTime chats at 720p HD
- 3 microphones: bottom, front and back
- Speaker is 20% smaller
- New "lightning" dock connector is 80% smaller
- New maps app in iOS 6 knows about 100 million "points of interest"
- 400 million iOS devices sold through June 2012”

Robinson said, "the acceptance of bids will end October 19, 2012."

isecurityphoto.net is a commercial site for the sales and support of iSecurity Camera 4.5 universal app for iPad and iPhone.

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