Only 1% Of Land Area Needed To Power Whole UK With Solar

Covering just 1% of the UK's land area in solar panels would provide enough electricity to power the country reveal The Eco Experts.

Online PR News – 27-September-2012 – London – THE ECO EXPERTS – The UK's leading solar energy website – has calculated that covering just 1% of the UK's land area in solar panels would provide enough electricity to power the entire country.

An area the equivalent to Derbyshire would need to be completely covered in solar panels to produce enough electricity for the domestic market. This assumes that home based solar panels are used, rather than larger, more efficient commercial panels.

The Eco Experts have prepared an Infographic that shows what this area would look like on a map of the UK. However, keep in mind if the UK did try to power itself solely using solar energy these systems would be distributed across the country. The full assumption is as follows:

- The UK consumes 351.8 billion kWh of electricity.
- A 4kW home solar panel system can produce up to 3,433.60 kWh per year.
- A 4 kW system takes up 25.72 square meters of space
- The UK would need 102,458,062 of these installations to meet all power needs.
- This many systems would take up 2,635 square km.
- The UK as a whole is 244,820 square km.
- Thus the country be powered using just 1% of land area.

How much would this cost?

Based on the average 4kW home installation cost of approximately £7,000, the full cost for installing 102,458,062 of these systems would £717,206,434,000 or about 50% of the UK's GDP. This may seem like a lot, but the price has fallen from over £1.2 trillion it would have cost just two years ago.

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