New Company Provides Users With Information to Care For Chickens

New online company provides users with the step by step basics to care for chickens. Informational website provides users with costs associated and the pros and cons on having chickens around small children.

Online PR News – 20-March-2010 – – Providing users with a background look at what it takes to raise chickens, gives users a powerful and beneficial look at the world of raising chickens. Website browsers receive the benefit of having chicken house plans available to them.

With a free e-mail course, users are able to explore what it entails to raise this feathered friends and the costs for maintaining them as well. Included are plans to build your own chicken coops and information on the different styles of coops available.

Each process and information piece is carefully crafted to provide users with beneficial and educated information when making the decision on raising chickens as pets. James Eden has taken the time to create the essential website for building a comprehensive haven of information.

Users who select to take the free Chicken Coop Building and Setup Course on the website will be reward with ten lessons on how to build and setup a chicken coop while caring for their chickens.

Each course is sent out daily to the user so they don’t have to worry about being bogged down with information and each course is designed for you to go at your own pace. It provides you with the perfect solution to become well educated on raising an animal you may know nothing about. This which is backed with chicken coop plans makes it the perfect site to learn about these wonderful creatures.

Some of the items this set of mini courses offered are:

• How to determine the best number of chickens for your needs, and what size coop you will need to house them
• How to design your coop to ensure that your chickens will be safe from predators
• How to minimize the drudgery of maintaining a clean environment for your chickens and provide a rich source of fertilizer for your yard
• Tips on selecting a chicken coop plan that is inexpensive, and easy to build

Additionally, users looking for quick reference material won’t be disappointed either. Easy to follow links are on the website to provide instant access to the questions they may have in regards to their chicken coop questions.

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