InCare Rx Announces Free Prescription Discount Cards are Active and Ready for Use

InCareRX is dedicated to helping uninsured and underinsured families with or without health insurance. They have come across a special plan to assist with those high cost prescription fees. This card provides discounts at most pharmacies. This FREE, card is for everyone!

Online PR News – 29-September-2012 – Available for Immediate Release Columbus Twp. Michigan – Millions of Americans are either uninsured or under-insured.

A lot of people can no longer afford life saving medication.

InCare Rx is dedicated to helping uninsured and under-insured families with or without health insurance. This is a special plan to assist with those high cost prescription fees. This card provides discounts at most pharmacies. This FREE, card is available to anyone. Savings are between 15% and 75%, in most cases. With this NEW and FREE savings card just present to Pharmacy and save up to 75%. One card will cover the whole family! Questions or comments, can be sent via email and a ressponse will be sent within 24 hours.

Start saving Money today. It Works!!!

InCare Rx is proud to provide families with this FREE pharmacy program. This card may be used at over 60,000 pharmacies nationwide, including most major chains.

This is not insurance nor does this discount card have any cash value. Everyone is eligible for this program. There are no age or income restrictions and it's absolutely FREE! No personal information is collected, there are no forms to fill out and this is not a mail order pharmacy.

These card are accepted at over 60,000 participating pharmacies including most major chains and grocery stores including:

**Rite Aid **CVS **Kroger **Win Dixie **Target **K Mart **Walgreens **Walmart **Costco

For a complete list or to find a participating pharmacies visit: or call 1-800-286-9589

This is the Drug Discount Card that provides cash rebates on a broad range of Brand Name prescription drugs. These cash rebates are sent via an Official Mastercard Cash Card! No forms or paperwork - just purchase prescription drugs and receive discounts and any qualifying rebates! No other drug discount card provides this combination of savings and cash. Rx Incare card has the best overall savings and value of any drug discount card in America.

Frequently Asked Questions

How are these cards used?
Simply clip this card and take it to any participating pharmacy for instant savings!

Where do these discounts come from?
These discounts come from a Pharmacy Discount Network.

Why is this free?
Due to a close relationship in the pharmaceutical industry, InCare Rx can negotiate lower prices on behalf of members!

Is it necessary to present the card each time a prescription is filled?
No. After the pharmacist has stored card information into their system, each time a prescription is filled the discount will automatically take place.

Is there a maximum use of the benefits?
No. Unlike insurance, utilization is encouraged because it directs traffic to participating provider locations. Families may use the benefits as many times as needed. There are no limitations on usage.

Is there a claim form to fill?
No. There are no claim forms or other paperwork to file.

Can this discount card be used with deductibles?
Provide pharmacist with both an insurance card and this discount card and ask which one will save the most money. If there is a high deductible the InCare Rx card will reduce the cost of prescriptions, causing it to be farther from meeting the deductible. For answers to any question please contact the Help Line at 800.286.9589.

Is there a pre-existing condition exclusion?
No. Unlike insurance, discount programs do not require personnel for claims adjudication, nor is there a necessity for cash reserves because there is no risk.

How to locate a participating provider in the network?
There are two ways to locate participating providers, Check the online Pharmacy Finder by clicking on the Pharmacy Finder / Drug Prices tab or call the Help Line at 800.286.9589.

Earn Cash Rebates Now
Pre-existing conditions accepted
Free Membership
Save up to 75%
No Expiration Date
No Deductible
No Medical Questions
No Paper Work


InCare Rx Prescription Discount Cards
This is not insurance...this is FREE

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