A Delightful Tale of Child Affection -- for a Goat

Have fun reading Karen C. Klennert’s hilarious countryside story of love of family and caring for farm pets…with plenty of splashes to that goat.

Online PR News – 29-June-2009 – – (Swatara, MN) – A child caring for animals may become problematic, especially when family values and interests are involved. Nibbles Needs a Bath (BookWhirl Publishing) is Karen C. Klennert’s outrageous but heartwarming story of little Becky, a special needs child who has difficulty in communicating with her family but is thoughtful enough to care for Nibbles, a hobby farm goat.

The book is based on the theme of how deeply Becky feels about Nibbles and how she perceives the care the animal needs. Becky is delighted of her newly-found responsibility of bottle feeding the goat—and has even gone outdoors more frequently for the purpose. However, she feels Nibbles needs to be clean also, so she plans to bathe the unwary goat in the family tub.

She waits for Mom to go for her daily walk and lures Nibbles into the house. The goat is finally bathed, but Becky forgets how much time has passed since the fun started. Then Mom arrives and finds them both in the tub. What’s Becky to do?

Nibbles Needs a Bath is a fun-filled story that highlights the need to balance a child’s care for an animal and the family’s concern for health and cleanliness. This book is a good family read-aloud material, and pet lovers of all ages will find it warm and endearing because of its captivating story line.

Nibbles Needs a Bath is now available for your reading pleasure at the author’s official website, http://karensfamilyroots.com or at the publisher’s online bookstore, http://www.lulu.com.

About the Author
Karen C. Klennert is born in northern Minnesota and never left. She grew up a “country girl” and is the oldest of sixteen children and learned at a young age what responsibility meant. Farm animals were always a part of her rural family life, and all of the children had a part in caring for them. She loves reading, genealogy, crocheting, knitting, and being with family and friends. She has six children, fifteen grandchildren, and one great granddaughter. She is presently a sub teacher and particularly enjoys special education classes.