Central Indiana Fiber Artist Chosen to Gift Actress Amy Poehler

Fiber Artist Angela Warren-Mixson of Crafty Ridge contributes to a gift bag that California-based The Artisan Group has prepared for actress Amy Poehler. Angela is sending her a Crafty Ridge Original.

Online PR News – 27-September-2012 – Lebanon, Indiana – Fiber Artist, Angela Warren-Mixson of Crafty Ridge, has contributed to a gift bag that California-based The Artisan Group has prepared for actress Amy Poehler. The gift bag features handcrafted, artisan-made items. Angela has sent Ms. Poehler a handcrafted Infinity Scarf.

Angela is a huge fan of Ms. Poehler from Saturday Night Live and Parks and Recreation. "She is the type of woman that makes every woman and little girl out there,want to be a better person. Her videos, Smart Girls at the Party, are geared to girls of all ages and they show how caring and powerful she is. It's truly inspiring."

Through participation in The Artisan Group, Angela has also been chosen to create a one of a kind item to be submitted in a gift bag going to the stylist of ABC's hit show Pretty Little Liars. "There is no word yet on if my item will be used for taping or not but it truly is a great experience just to be able to participate."

To learn more about Angela Warren-Mixson and her Fiber Art, at Crafty Ridge, visit www.CraftyRidge.com. For press inquiries about The Artisan Group visit http://www.theartisangroup.org.

Angela Warren-Mixson is a Fiber Artist and owner of Crafty Ridge, based in Lebanon, Indiana, where she resides with her husband and their two children. Angela established Crafty Ridge in 2011. Her work is available at www.Craftyridge.com, on Etsy at www.CraftyRidge.Etsy.com and on Facebook at www.facebook.com/CraftyRidge

Crafty Ridge is a small business that prides itself in its eclectic blend of fun and unique handmade items that can fit into anyone's life. There is a mix of fantasy and functionality in the items that come out of Crafty Ridge. Founded in 2011, Crafty Ridge has been growing from a fun hobby to a wonderful small business. What sets us apart from other artists is that Crafty Ridge is modern fiber art mixed with fun and fantasy. It is Fiber brought into the next century. For more information please visit www.CraftyRidge.com