Cimex Exterminating Corp. Now Offers Nine Certified K-9 Bed Bug Detection Teams

Cimex Exterminating Corp. has only been operational for 16 months, yet continues to set the standard in bed bug control. Serving the state of Virginia, Cimex Exterminating Corp. now has 9 certified K-9 bed bug detection teams, from the National K-9 Pest Detection Academy.

Online PR News – 26-September-2012 – Virginia Beach, Virginia – Located in Virginia Beach, Virginia, Cimex Exterminating was started by Kevin Campbell in 2011. As a bed bug exclusive company, he knew he needed to find ways to provide a more attractive service to his customers than what a typical pest control company would or could provide. Cimex Exterminating developed their 12 month warranty on single family homes and backed it with monthly inspections.

Early in 2012, he spearheaded the financing program for his clients. All qualify. “No longer will the financial impact of a bed bug infestation be part of the emotional one”, Campbell says. A few months later, Mr. Campbell decided that a human inspection simply wasn’t enough to be sure his customers would “Sleep Tight Tonight”; the Cimex slogan. So, he became a certified bed bug dog trainer. Trained K-9 detections dogs from the National K-9 Pest Detection Academy are 95% to 98% accurate compared to a human inspection at 30% to 50% accuracy. Several months later, “Wally, The Bug Hunter” joined the ranks of the Cimex crew. “Wally” continues to lead the Cimex K-9 Division.

Sleep Tight Tonight

To date, Cimex Exterminating Corp. now provides 9 certified K-9 Bed Bug Detection teams to service large property management firms, resorts, multi-family properties and other locations housing multiple units. In many cases, the teams are able to do 100’s of inspections per hour.

Cimex Exterminating is now offering a program for hotels that can potentially keep them off of the bed bug registry or bed bug reports, as well as help to avoid major lawsuits from guests by utilizing the K-9 bed bug detection teams on a proactive basis. This will potentially save these locations tens of thousands in treatments.

As the national bed bug pandemic grows, Cimex Exterminating Corp. continues to pave the way with innovating methods, piece-of-mind programs and top notch customer services.

Cimex Exterminating is available at 800-477-5638.

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