Short Film, 'I Know Why You're Single Vol. 1' Now Available On Los Angeles

The short film mockumentary produced by Becauseisaid Entertainment and directed by Andrew Skinner Jr, "I Know Why You're Single Vol 1" has come to Los Angeles

Online PR News – 26-September-2012 – Gaithersburg, MD – Gaithersburg, MD - Becauseisaid Entertainment is proud to announce their short film mockumentary “I Know Why You’re Single Vol 1” live on Los Angeles 36 website; The film stars Von “Jartz” Walker, Gino Patterson, Wendell Hall and others, directed by Andrew Skinner Jr.
I Know Why You’re Single Vol 1 is a short film mockumentary in which Drew along with the help of his, “I know why you’re single checklist” proves that single women are to blame for their single status and not men.

I Know Why You’re Single Vol 1 is live on Los Angeles at The film is produced by Becauseisaid Entertainment. Becauseisaid Entertainment is an entertainment company based in suburban Maryland established by the director of the film, Andrew Skinner Jr in 2004. The company is known for the popular Web Show, The Unscripted Sketch Comedy Show Apt 303. The show produced the viral hit, “MTV True Life I’m obsessed with wearing skinny jeans even though it took away my privates”. The company also writes and produces Television programming, Andrew Skinner Jr optioned his first reality show in the summer of 2012. Becauseisaid Entertainment is currently finishing production on a reality series. I Know Why You’re Single Vol 1 breakdown and full cast available on IMDB at", DVD available on