Brazil Butt Lift Master Series Now Available At Fitness Body Online

Brazil Butt Lift Master Series Released This Week By Beachbody LLC. This workout program is the sequel to one of Beachbody's most successful programs Brazil Butt Lift.

Online PR News – 27-September-2012 – Atlanta,GA – This week the newest addition to the Beachbody Brazil butt lift array of fitness programs was extended to include the Brazil Butt Lift Master Series. After 3 years of setting the fitness world on fire Leandro Carvalho, the fitness trainer that designed the original Brazil Butt Lift technique has exploded back on the scene with this follow up workout. Comprised of 3 base DVDs and one bonus workout, (only included if ordered from Beachbody LLC distributors) this program picks up where the original left off and is based on an entirely new concept that uses instability at its core.

According to Beachbody LLC, what differentiates the master series from the original program is the introduction of a brand new technique spotlighting the use of a stability ball for a new range of butt lifting excises. It's predecessor, the Brazil Butt Lift utilized a light weight rubber band that's was wrapped around the ankles and then pulled apart by your legs to increase resistance. The Master Series now incorporates a large stability ball that creates instability engaging more of your lower body muscles while you focus on your butt and exercise to the DVDs. Along with new DVD exercises, "boom boom" music, and stability ball, the new technique is what's really behind the launch of the new brazil butt lift workout program sequel.

Paul Atkins owner of online Beachbody retailer Fitness Body Online had this to say about the new addition to his websites suite of workout programs. "Brazil Butt Lift has continually been one of our most sought after workout programs. We were ecstatic to here about beach body's release of a sequel. Although brand new this program is already creating quote a buzz by all those looking to keep and extend their butt lifting results."

The Brazil Butt Lift Master Series retails for $59.85 according to which is the same price as the original program and comes with a 30 day money back guarantee less s&h costs.

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